#02 my sunday photo in turtle in this area in kolkata park

in #turtle3 years ago

Hi the all steemit friend welcome.The tortoise is very beautiful. It is my favorite. It was made by humans and I did not know about it.


Turtle is most famus animals.
Turtle any body encased in the world.the carapace and plasron are structures that join anather along each said a turtle.Their forelimbs are not flipperlike, and their hind feet are not webbed. Each digit in their forefeet and hind feet contains two or fewer phalanges. Finally, if you can’t see their legs, try feeding the turtle.not all land turtles are tortoises; thus, box turtles and wood turtles have been called tortoises, though they are not considered tortoises today.
So thank you for all steemit friend.my turtle post upvote pls.


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