Turkey-backed Syrian armed group leaders admit conducting assassination and explosion operations in Manbij.

in turkey •  29 days ago

Full translation of an article by Syrian Islamist outlet al-Durar al-Shamiya:

A new covert operation for the Free Army in Manbij .. A source reveals the details (Photos)

al-Durar al-Shamiya:

Last night, elements of the Free [Syrian] Army carried out a covert operation in the city of Manbij in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, which is under the control of the SDF militia.

A security source in the Free [Syrian] Army of the al-Duarr al-Shamiya Network: "The covert activities in the areas under the control of SDF militia are varied, and perhaps the most influential is the assassination of leaders of this occupying militia"

The source added: The methods of security breaches are multiple and differ each time from the previous ones in an attempt to eliminate the hostile security services.

He continued: The operation of spreading and hanging the flags of the Syrian revolution one of these methods and to strike deep in the SDF militia, we resorted to draw and hang flags of the Republic of Turkey in the city of Manbij in some neighborhoods.

To find out whether the flags of the revolution are from the covert operations of the Free [Syrian] Army, the security source confirmed: On each flag of the revolution, a certain symbol placed, so that we can determine that the one who hung the flag of the revolution is one of the FSA youths who are present in the city of Manbij. The symbol was the letters "ش.م " plus a number.

Activists on social media sites posted pictures of Syrian revolution flags and the flag of Turkey hung in the city of Manbij, east of Aleppo.

Related to this, a leader of SDF was killed on Saturday, in addition to one of their members by exploding the car he was riving in the center of the city of Manbij.

The assassinations of SDF leaders are almost on a daily basis, either by shooting or by planting IEDs in the cars of some of their commanders.

The leader of the Syrian National Army, Ziad Haji Obeid, confirmed earlier that the determination of the Turkey-backed Free [Syrian] Army factions to enter the city of Manbij.

"We are located near Manbij and we have prepared for entry," said the leader of the National Army in an interview with the Kurdish media network Rudaw. Adding: "We have prepared 15,000 fighters to enter the city."

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened last month that Turkish troops would enter the city of Manbij if the United States did not remove the Kurdish [Peoples’] Protection Units from the region.

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