SOHR director: Erdogan's "secure zone" is pretext to drive out the Kurds from their homelans

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Rami Abdulrahman, directory of Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, says Erdogan wants to use the so-called secure zone to drive out indigenous Kurds from their regions.

If we go back to Afrin to talk about the discussions on establishing a secure region, which could be located east of Euphrates.
What would that mean?

It means demographic change: it means we would [repeat] facilitating an operation of displacing and deporting indigenous residents that were displaced by Turkish forces that occupy Afrin and by the opposition factions that occupy Afrin.

Let me mention a simple example: Yesterday, an elderly woman tried to buy some stuff. She sent her neighbor, who is displaced from Damascus to Afrin.

The store owner, who has taken over the area, told her: because your neighbor is a Kurd, I must double the price; we must drive those out!

Today, Recep Tayyip Erdogan wants to use the secure region to displace the Kurds from their regions.

More than once, I have said that Turkey has only one enemy inside Syria.

And it is not the PKK as they claim, but their enemy is the Kurdish nation in its totality, with all its political components.