♥ Hug your loved ones. Now.

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Hug your loved ones

What is wrong with the world?

Every day i get up at 8am. I brush my teeth, I get dressed, I start working. I usually am off from work at 7-8pm and just want to be home and relax a bit. Usually by turning on some entertainment be it the TV or just an internet channel.

Every day there is bad news. Be it France, Dallas, Turkey or any other place inhabited by human beings. It is a big shame and the past few days i usually finished feeling terribly miserable about myself, life, everything.

It is those days you just can't go to bed. You keep checking the news. Somewhere between helpless and speechless.

It is not even remotely possible to have compassion for all the negative events happening around the globe without getting into a depression or falling apart. But there is many opportunities to use the drive of those events for yourself. Hug your loved ones.

Go and meet your father who you didn't see in 3 years because of that stupid fight you had. Over... what was it again?
Say sorry to your former best friend for making out with the girl that he was in love so badly.
Tell your wife in the morning how beautiful she is to you.

Be kind. Be grateful. Cherish life. - Hug your loved ones.

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