Turcoin is the rival of Bitcoin !

in turcoin •  last year 


The founder of the domestic crypto currency Turcoin, which was developed as a domestic alternative to Bitcoin, which keeps the top among the crypto currencies, works with a press conference organized and shares information with the surprising allegations about the domestic coin.

Anafis Group of Companies Chairman Sadun Kaya, who met with the press to tell that the news in a media organ has been unfounded after the announcement of the crypto currency in the past days, has announced that they are starting to produce two sets of 5 megawatt power in Kocaeli for the directed Turcoin.!


Indicating that Turcoin will be on the market with a price of $ 100, Kaya said, "I do not lose my crypto-params" in an ambitious and astonishing way, and they started producing krypto coin production facilities in Kocaeli for 25 million dollars.


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