I have been working on animated cartoon. It is in story board stage.

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The movie is called Tunesia based on my comics of the same name published in 1987.

This is from BOOK 1. Morrus is stomping through the throngs of protestors on his way to the bar.
The protesting vermin began as an early concept as long as I can remember.

The signs are nonsensical. Simon is surrounded.

sinubus gnaws.jpg
This is Lord Sinubus and he isn't having the greatest of days.

This is The Great Vegetable God.
These characters may or may not be composites of major characters in history.



They curse, smoke, and drink.
Of course, they are excessively violent.

The feature is over 165 minutes long and I am in the last ten minutes of boarding.

I don't show very much.


Very soon I will be putting in a scratch track of dialogue and scenes will be ready for scores to be written.
At this time it is undecided if it will stay independent or will be a studio production of some kind.

I have collected the original books world wide over the past years. I am not aware of any left on the market.

Welcome to Tunesia.

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