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Yesterday the second trailer for the death metal music video I’ve created for Strigoi has been released here on their Facebook page and also on Instagram

The full video comes out on the 20th September and is released through Nuclear Blast Records. The video is a piece of work I’ve spent a lot of time on, and I’m proud of how it’s turned out.
I’ll be sharing the video with some words of it’s creation and the story/themes of its influence, for anyone interested.

In this trailer you will spot a couple of faces too, as the last one was more places and objects.
One face closeup is of our awesome performer #1 who was made up by a fantastic local MUA called Monika, and the other performer #2 (with white eyes)... is a Steemian ;)

Cheers for looking :)

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I've only hard little pieces in the two trailers, but my ears would like to hear more soon. I like metal like this, but am not such a fan of the screaming.

That’s great man. Yeah there’s only a smattering of screams, during the end of the middle-8 I think is the only bit. Damn fast and heavy though. Not really my cup of tea but I can appreciate the genre and groove.

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not that short, looks interesting

Haha yeah slightly longer.
Would love to know your thoughts on the final video

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Nice one. The teaser is quite short but it looks really good. Looks like the finished product will be excellent. The website, or page is pretty cool as well. Definitly dark and mysterious. Very cool man!

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Cheers boss! Yeah it’s gonna be bleak. My wife couldn’t watch it because it played with shadows and the unknown so much haha

She’s a bit of a wuss tho

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