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As the premier decentralized and token-incentivized social networking protocol for the next generation, the TTC Protocol provides an end-to-end solution for developers who want to join the blockchain community quickly, easily, and reliably. In order words, it provides developers with easy access to the benefits of blockchain technology. By developing in the TTC Ecosystem, developers will not only have access to an endto-end blockchain solution, they will also have access to an airdrop subsidy for gaining new users, a daily pool of issued tokens for use in rewarding users, and access to a service wide advertising network.
The TTC Protocol will be implemented and maintained by TTC Foundation, which aims to build a healthy ecosystem of diversified decentralized applications (DAPPs) and improves the user experience of participants in social networks around the world.

As social network services grow increasingly sophisticated, users run up against the limitations inherent in centralized architectures which require users to place trust in a single authority, which can lead to increased censorship, vulnerabilities, and abuses of power. These centralized architectures are often lack transparency due to their closed development nature of environment, and are rarely rewards their participants accurately for the value they bring to the social network platform.

The TTC Protocol looks to overcome these limitations by creating a vibrant ecosystem whereby participants are active stakeholders in the network. The TTC Ecosystem is designed to consist of four major components: TTC User System, TTC Open Platform, TTC Reward Engine and a system-wide TTC Advertisement Network. TTC Foundation will oversee activities on the platform and also administers a number of programs such as Ecosystem Building Fund and Issued Reward Pool, designed to benefit all participants and grow the ecosystem simultaneously.

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Ecosystem Building Fund

20% of the total TTC tokens (200,000,000 TTC) are allocated to the Ecosystem Building Fund, for use in developing the Ecosystem. The fund will be used for (i) investment in DAPPs in exchange for equity and (ii) airdrop subsidies. (See TTC ecosystem for more details)

Issued Reward Pool

For the purpose of encouragement and continuous improvement of TTC Ecosystem, 25% of the total TTC tokens (25,000,000 TTC) is allocated for rewarding users and developers for the valuable contributions they make in the platform. The rewards are issued in proportion to the value of the contribution made by the participant based on a fixed set of parameters used for calculating DAPP value. (See TTC ecosystem document for more details on DAPP value calculation)


The TTC Ecosystem is a platform that provides value to numerous participants ranging from developers to users, and third-party advertisers. However, there are some cited examples of DAPP platforms that can use the platform efficiently for better experience and outcome. See the illustration below.

An illustrated example of DAPP that can use the TTC platform:

A Media Outlet.

Another example of a platform that can take advantage of the TTC blockchain solution is a PGC (Professional Generated Content) media community. In this case, an established media outlet creates a digital platform for its active community interested in home improvement, interior design, and DIY remodeling. Members primarily use the platform to obtain information. The platform has been in operation for a while, but even though there’s a core group of users, they visit infrequently, and the platform needs to drive increased user activity. The reward engine configuration is set as follows:

  1. The proportion of Content Reward and Reputation Reward is set at 70/30. The developer wants to encourage users to interact with the content more in a short period of time.

  2. The weights of likes, comments, and shares are set to 1:3:2. The developer wants to prioritize commenting because it provides additional value to users and improves the likelihood and frequency of user activity.

  3. The Content Reward is distributed entirely to the curators. Distribution among curators follows a pattern of equal division.

  4. The Reputation Reward is calculated based on retention value and auditing & reporting value. The proportion is set to 50/50.

Read up more details about TTC Ecosystem and all value calculations here Ecosystem

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