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RE: Hardforks, Communities, SMTs: Interview w/@justinw and @vandeberg

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Great interview, watched it from start to finish

Very glad people are understanding how important honest voting is (voting rewards not just going back to the voter either through selling or circle jerking etc) and how the economic incentives have a drastic impact on the honesty of voting behavior.

Eagerly looking forward to Communities and believe it'll greatly improve the user experience on here.


There's no honest voting going on here, at least not for the majority part.

think my downvotes are honest, working on the other

I said majority, that leaves space for honest voters. A small space but none the less some

To evaluate that claim, we need a quantifiable definition of dishonest voting.

Dishonest would be openly saying I do not read the articles that I up vote or that I don't have time to read the articles I up vote on a platform they signed up for whose reason for existence is rewarding authors based upon what a person thinks that particular article is worth.

voting behavior that's indifferent to the voter's subjective appraisal or reasonable expectation of their subjective appraisal of the content

eg Vote selling: if I vote based on who pays me the highest rather than what that content is. Circle jerking/post farming are all similarly content indifferent.

How would you operationalize that definition? That is, which formal criteria would be useful at the detection of such behavior?

You can't detect it precisely unless you're the voter yourself, in which case you know pretty well if it's the content influencing your decision or not (eg if they're paying you to vote on their post, or if you're voting on their post because they're voting on yours in some stake weighted arrangement etc)

Externally, for now there are generally many hints as to whether the vote is bought or part of a circle jerk or some other dishonest scheme. Eg. If there are on chain links to vote buying.

Ultimately, if these things become less telegraphed, people will just have to get into the habit of downvoting whatever they believe is over rewarded more generally.

It's definitely a work in progress, but it's noticeably better than pre HF 21

That's like saying I broke into the store and only robbed it of the things I really needed.

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