The Shirt Nobody in an ELECTION Line Will Wanna See.

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Hot off the presses for you guys! The shirt nobody in an election line will wanna see. Hahah

W6L_kQPe3s4UL6HJZat85pYZV4vZcFmiT4FdP33PDGILnL_hxk_Mh5zlXz6lHr7ag=s640-ndScrew voting.png

If you want this's the link: Enjoy the conversations!

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You should try different animals in this pic.
Maybe a sheep and a pig, just a suggestion.

LOL Close but if you make the Reps a Dog, The Dems a Pig, The rest a Sheep you've got one of Pink Floyd's best albums. Animals. Just keep watching for Pigs on the Wing.
Take Care All

Coach your doing great. How did you get to make steem like that ? I am not getting nothing whatever i do ???

  ·  last year (edited)

This is a great idea, but the image of the middle finger is NSFW so I can't have the shirt at work. How about a second option, the image of the statue of liberty? This country was founded on the idea of liberty for all and I think we should move back to the idea that each person has personal freedom.

PERFECT❗️👏👍 I know which box I’m going to check off . 😂 Its time to take this to a new level . Removal of these 🐀RATS should be next .