How to Make Money with the Amazon T Shirt Program

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Merch by Amazon may be a program that permits approved creators to submit tee shirt styles that are then written on demand after they are ordered.

ZERO inventory prices

--> Your "assets" are image files!

(Almost) ZERO style skills needed

--> "Attractive" isn't essentially what sells on Merch and there are a lot of tools to create the method of coming up with easy for even a novice like myself.

You're paid a royalty once shirts are purchased

--> there's no "penalty" for not merchandising styles (other than individual designs being sporadically removed thanks to no sales).

Access to many countless Amazon patrons

--> These are oversubscribed directly on the Amazon marketplace.

Set Your Own costs

--> You management however high-priced your shirts are and your royalty may be a maximize this price!

Here is the program in Amazon's own words...


It’s simple for anyone to sell a custom shirt mistreatment Merch by Amazon.

These shirts are searchable on Amazon therefore there are innumerous niche t-shirt concepts to contemplate. There are several customers looking ahead to your new styles. this is often Associate in Nursing exciting time to urge involved the Merch Amazon program.

If you have got an internet presence, social media presence, or dedicated web site, there are some ways to legitimatise. Advertisements, affiliate promoting, and merchandise sales are solely the start. Ideally, you must wish to sell branded things to your loyal internet patrons. A shirt causes you to cash, and it’s additionally a supply of free advertising. World Health Organization says nothing is free? this is often a way to form smart use of the Merch program.

Merch by Amazon could be a Print-On-Demand (POD) service, therefore there are zero direct prices. All you wish to try to to is style a shirt, set a value, and reap within the royalties. It’s that easy.

The Amazon Merch service launched in 2015, and a staggering quantity of Amazon customers began language up for it. Amazon had to eventually build their Merch service invite solely due to the sheer variety of users flooding the service.

Now anyone will apply to be a Merch by Amazon designer however the method of approval are often quite long. the appliance method are often many weeks to the higher a part of a year!


Getting started is simple. You head to the landing page and click on the button labeled “request for invite.” Log in along with your Amazon ID, and so fill out an easy kind. After this, you play the scheme. Don’t forget to test back usually. The welcome email could or might not arrive on time.

Use it slow with wisdom. whereas you're watching for formal acceptance into the Merch program, you'll do jersey analysis and ideal your styles. You’ll need to seek out smart niche keywords, and you’ll need to make an eye catching piece of vesture.


The actual T-shirt creation method is straightforward. Amazon features a model that may facilitate your size your PNG file for placement on the T-shirt. the ultimate creation method is brief and sweet:

  • Place your PNG file(s) on the front and/or back of the shirt

  • Configure the shirt kind, color, and price

  • Give your T-shirt a name, Amazon title, and products description

  • Choose to sell via direct product link or to the overall public


It very is that this simple to induce started. simply ensure to sell to the general public if you would like to earn cash. Amazon has efficient the method the maximum amount as doable, however you may would like tight image software package to form the PNG file. Amazon can print the tee shirt at three hundred DPI, therefore your PNG file should be three hundred PPI (pixels-per-inch). Some software package labels this “pixels/inch.”

At first, you'll be able to solely sell ten completely different t-shirts. this can be tier one. Once you create ten sales, Amazon can eventually upgrade you to tier two. At tier 2, you'll be able to transfer twenty five styles. The tiers go up from there: a hundred, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000 and on the far side. It doesn’t matter that shirts you sell. you'll be able to sell the identical shirt twenty five times to maneuver up within the tier rankings.

Keep in mind that t-shirts will be written with front and back design, however it'll value more cash to print a tee shirt with design on each side. this can cut back your Amazon Merch royalties considerably.

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