Get inspired...Be inspiring... 'TRYBE'- A innovative paying social media, why not try 'TRYBE'?

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Hey Steemians 'TRYBE' welcome you to the new world.

What's trybe and how it works?

Trybe is a innovative, fully tokenized social media that pays rewards ( trybe tokens) for your every activities in Trybe platform (like Steemit). If you searching for an alternative earning way, it would be an right solution. All participants in the platform will earn their tokens. Everybody has something to teach, and everybody has something to learn. By sharing our knowledge with the community and get rewarded in tokens, as well as with love.


How to earn? (Regular)

  • Invite friends

  • Create great contents

  • Share other people contents to your social network

  • visit the site daily

  • And get rating from other user...

Read more here about that how reward system works

Earnings (instant)

  • signup bonus 100 TRYBY tokens (Airdrop bonus)

  • Daily login 10 TRYBE tokens

  • Unlimited refs

  • Get paid for your content it depends on your content quality. Read more

How to participate?

  • click here to register, just fill in the required fields in the form,

  • Then click 'COMPLETE SIGNUP' button,

  • Go for confirmation mail,

  • Subscribe their mailing list to get updates

  • Join their telegram group

That's all, now you are ready to earn.

Note: Bonus tokens 100 TRYBYs currently being awarded to early adopters.

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DONATE; SBD/SP @kunani


DONATE ETH; 0xDFeA963676867CfC5f6Ac19Bc7BB220eFB132588



Great and valuable information about trybe!! @kunani. So glad to see that you are continuing your work on steemit!! 🤗💙

Have a wonderful day!

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Thank you friend.

Thank you @kunani, I have registered and got 100+ TRYBEs in my account. Is this system operating platform EOS?

Yes, Trybe operating platform EOS. You need EOS wallet to receive your rewards on Sep 11.

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