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Top 3 ways to earn TRX on CropBytes
August 2020 was awesome for Tronics & TRX Hodlrs. In the last month Tron (TRX) grew in value crossing the threshold for the first time since the price dipped. The recent reveals and developments from the Tron team, shows a lot of promise in the token and its future.
Some recent highlights on TRON
On Sep 3 , total accounts exceeded 8.8M
Total transactions reached 1.16 B
Block height exceeded 22.9M
Total contracts hit 96,367, smart contract triggers hit 978M
Overall investment in TRON has seen a major spike.
That said, It is a great time to accumulate some TRON.
CropBytes is an online Crypto Game based on the real-world farming economy, It uses TRX as game currency.
Here are the top 3 ways to earn TRX on CropBytes
1.Game Activities
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CropBytes Game-Play
Grow crops & fruits to feed animals or trade.
Make food for animals by renting out a co-players mill.
Collect Extracts like milk, eggs, wool, truffles & game cards when you feed animals.
Collect Utilities like water & electricity by owning a lake, solar panel, or any utility assets.
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CropBytes Crypto Trading Exchange.
The CropBytes economy is just like a real-world economy, where prices of goods and services fluctuate depending on the supply and demand for them. Traders can predict the market and make profits as it fluctuates.

  1. Investing
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    CropBytes Economy
    Mill owners earn each time a player uses their mill to grind. Water from lakes and wells are always in demand.
    Investing in the CropBytes economy directly or via pro assets to a great way to get regular crypto returns.
    Cropbytes has thousands of players who play and earn cryptocurrency daily
    What’s more? The game is growing rapidly! CropBytes economy is looking at a rise in demand for assets, utilities & supplies, driving up the prices in the game and the overall value of the game.
    It is a great time to be part of CropBytes.
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