Former Infowars Host Makes A Frightening Splash Into the Documentary Filmmaking Pool

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When you hear the name Aaron Dykes, you may remember him as the tall, teddy bear looking Infowar hosts, that was one of Alex Jones first hosts of his Nightly News. Dykes and his wife Melinda Melton Dykes, also an Infowars host, left the channel in 2015 without explanation, but this has been cited in multiple places as the result of an air-tight Infowars non-compete disclosure the two of them have signed, which includes defamation clauses. Easier to shut up and move on, I suppose.
That said, Dykes was always a credible news man and his pieces seemed well researched, so I was excited when I recently found the 2016 release Obsolete: Why The Future Doesn't Need Us available on YouTube (and through the above link).
Wow! While I can say Truthstream Media has put together a video as strong as anything I ever saw, produced by Alex Jones at Infowars. . . Its just about as good as any documentary I've ever seen.
Its actually had me running scared, at least in my own mind, about how I can better place myself for my short future. For the first time, I am thanking my lucky stars I am already 47 and may only have to live through a few years of autocratic HELL!!!
For those of you that have seen Infowars ENDGAME: BLUEPRINT FOR GLOBAL ENSLAVEMENT, I highly recommend this movie as its natural successor. Where Endgame illustrates how we are being taken down as a society, Obsolete shows the real reason Bill Joy of Wired Magazine once pointed out, "The Future Doesn't Need Us".

I'd love your comments below on how this system can be thwarted without turning our backs on the technology that has brought us to this precipice. Obviously, we need technology to take the human race beyond the Earth's shallow borders and into the universe, yet a move to euthanize and destroy the vast majority of us so that a few can inherit the Earth, while acting as our eternal overlords is as disturbing as any dystopian future I have ever seen of the future of this planet and one that seems to make it tough to even want to bring a child in. Again, thank God I only have me to worry about. I really fear for our next generations. I don't know if they see it coming like they should.

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