Drug dealing and geopolitics

in #truth24 days ago

What if I told you on nation state like Sweden that’s right next to really aggressive partners like Russia and Austria

Might not be able to compete with them directly economically

What if I told you that while it’s having an economy and trading simultaneously manufacture, millions of tons of drugs, and do some sort of research and figure out how to dump all those drugs into another country

What if I told you it can devastate their economy buy bankrupting the workers because all that drug money leaves the country after it’s bought and sold

What if I told you It also starts gang wars on the street creating civil unrest.

What if I told you that, due to the dangerous nature of its superpower neighbors, it would prefer to sell extremely high value products like heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine in an attempt to bowl economy to avoid having territorial battles and not necessarily need a main staple resource like oil or Cotton what if I told you there is more than 20 countries practicing this right now around the world simultaneously because they have to participate in a global arms race and don’t wanna lose a competitive edge against the world superpower

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