Dr Ardis: New Revelations and Confirmations

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Dr Ardis: New Revelations and Confirmations

Today's Show is a MUST SEE! Ophirex is a company created by Moderna founder Derrick Rossi. Moderna was best known as the world's largest venom supplier ever before putting a lethal vaccine on the market. Ophirex is being heavily funded by the DoD, the WELLCOME TRUST (WEF), and the WHO.

They claim their work in preventing death by snake bites is directly related to helping prevent COVID-19!! How's that? How's PLA2 found in snake bite victims in the highest concentration ever found in humans in the autopsied bodies of dead COVID patients and fatalities after the mRNA shots? Dr Ardis also discusses a new documentary in the works with Badass Dr Tau Braun.

Did a University in Utah in 2018 synthesize snake venom phosphodiesterase? Phospholipase A2? How and why did they use E Coli to propagate it?

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