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Hello my dear friends I am again here on steemit platform with a new post my this post will be about a thief and his lie.
Once a rich merchant’s house was robbed. The merchant thought that the thief will one of his servants. So he went to Birbal and mentioned the incident. Birbal went to his house and asked from merchant's servants who stole the merchant’s things. Everybody denied and did not gave answer.

Birbal was very intelligent and he thought for a moment, then Birbak gave a stick of equal length to all merchant's servants and said to them that the stick of the real thief will be longer by 4 inches tomorrow. Birbal said to all servants that all of you will here with stick.
Next day all the servants reached to merchant's home and gathered again at the home of merchant's. Birbal asked them to show him their sticks. One of the servants stick was shorter. Birbal said, “This is your thief, merchant.”

After that merchant asked from Birbal, “How did you catch him?” Birbal said, “The thief had already cut his stick short by four inches in the night to show that he is not a thief.

Thanks for Reading

Regards: @steemitjourney1

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