Reviewing And Analyzing 20 Factors In The Paradigm Shift Towards Freedom And Free Energy - Factor 18

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This is part eighteen of a twenty part series.

Mark Passio recently did WOEIH podcast number 219 titled “Tesla And Humanity’s Missing Paradigm Shift Revisited”. 

During the presentation, two graphics that he used were two lists.  Each list contains ten details of what the paradigm shift is, for a total of twenty.  

This is the eighteenth installment as I go through that information, one by one.

18.  Caring enough to Take Action to create real-world change

What type of real-world change? 

Changes that cause Freedom to occur and slavery to end.  

What type of right actions can be taken to do this?

1.  Share the Knowledge of Natural Law with others

There are many ways to do this, and I’ll name just a few here.  Speak the Truth, not just with friends and family, but with strangers, and also when confronted by order-followers.  Get a t-shirt that has some type of Truth on it, like my “Coercion is Wrong” shirt.  




Do a podcast.

Hold meet-ups.  

Make music that contains Truth.  

For me personally, most of this work has been done in the form of writing.  I have resisted order-followers at various times, at violently controlled areas known as “immigration” and also “airport security”, and put the Truth in their faces.  

Where I really need to improve is speaking Truth to friends and family and also to strangers.  I’ve always been extremely introverted, so this has always been a constant struggle.  

2.  Non-support of order-followers and other government workers

I’m referring here to social interaction.  Social disapproval can be a powerful tool.  If an order-follower is losing friends and family connections because they don’t like his or her immoral “job”, then that order-follower might seek moral work rather quickly.  

3.  Don’t pay taxes

The system of slavery we all live under couldn’t function if enough people stop allowing themselves to be extorted.  

I’ve done fairly well in this area, not paying “income taxes” in many years.  I can do better, though.  I need to find a way to pay less “sales tax”.  

4.  Don’t vote

This is the easiest one on the list.  Why would someone willingly choose someone else to rule over them?

5.  Don’t follow immoral “orders”.  Disobey.  Speak Truth in the face of tyrants

This is a tough one.  If someone disobeys a person in a costume (cop), then they might get shot by the cop.  It’s definitely risky.  

It’s important to ask oneself, “Is the potential positive outcome proportionate to the risk I’m taking?”

Not paying “income tax” is pretty easy and is fairly low risk, when compared to openly disobeying a road pirate (cop) when they pull you over and harass you.  

What’s much easier to do is speaking the Truth in their faces.  For example, if you get stopped by a road pirate, ask him or her if they can define what a “right” is.  Or a “wrong”.  Something simple like that can get in their heads, planting a seed, and have a great effect at a later time.

To take any or all of these Right actions, of course, one must Care enough to do so.  People must Care enough about Freedom and the Evolution of Consciousness.  

Right now, in 2019, humanity is failing to do this, on a vast scale.  Until this changes, and the majority of humans Care enough to take Right action, the current condition of slavery will persist.  

Part 19 Coming Soon!

Thanks for your time and attention!

Just say "NO" to slavery!

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