The Octopus & The Murder of Danny Casolaro

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-James Corbett--Danny Casolaro--part 1-

Carol Marshall:
Danny Casolaro's body was found at 12:30 p.m. in a bloodfilled bath tub by a hotel maid who called the Martinsburg police. The body contained three deep cuts on the right wrist and seven on the left wrist, made by a single edge razor blade, the kind used to scrape windows or open packages. At the bottom of the bathwater was an empty Milwaukee beer can, a paper glass coaster, the razor blade and two white plastic trash bags, the kind used in wastepaper baskets. On the desk in the hotel room was an empty mead composition notebook with one page torn out and a suicide note which read: "To those who I love the most, please forgive me for the worst possible thing I could have done. Most of all, I'm sorry to my son. I know deep down inside that God will let me in."

There were no other papers, folders, documents of any sort, nor any briefcase found in the room. Danny's wallet was intact, stuffed with credit cards.The body was removed from the tub by Lieutenant Dave Brining from the Martinsburg fire department, and his wife, Sandra, a nurse who works in the hospital emergency room. The couple, who often moonlighted as coroners, took the body to the Brown Funeral Home where they conducted an examination.Charles Brown then decided to embalm the body that night and go home, rather than come back to work the next day, Sunday.

By August 9th, Casolaro's friends were alarmed. Noone had heard from him and Olga was receiving threatening phone calls at Danny's home. On Saturday, August 10th, Olga received another call, a man's voice said, "You son of a bitch. You're dead."

At 3:00 p.m. on Friday, the day before Danny's death, Bill Turner, a friend and confidante, met Danny in the parking lot of the Sheraton Hotel to deliver some papers to him. The papers allegedly consisted of two sealed packages which Turner had been keeping in his safe at home for Danny, and a packet of Hughes Aircraft papers which belonged to Turner.

Danny had appeard exhuberant to most of his friends before his death, noting that he was about to "wrap up" his investigation of The Octopus. Casolaro was trying to prove that the alleged theft of the Inslaw computer program, PROMISE, was related to the October Surprise scandal, the IranContra affair and the collapse of BCCI (Bank of Credit and Commerce International).

Casolaro at one time considered the title of "Indio" for the book he was writing about "The Octopus." His death occurred just days before he planned to visit the Cabazon Indian reservation near Indio, California. Though his notes did not divulge what role the Cabazons may have had in the conspiracy, Casolaro listed Dr. John Phillip Nichols, the Cabazon administrator, as a former CIA agent.

A source of information which Danny may have read is entitled, "DARK VICTORY, Ronald Reagan, MCA, and the Mob," by Dan E. Moldea. Moldea named this unholy alliance "The Octopus" in his book. [Julius Stein's mob connected The Music Corporation of America (MCA corp--originally from Chicago--also called "The Octopus") dominated Hollywood television & film-- played a big role in this story & Ronald Reagan's Presidential Rise.]

What brought Casolaro to Riconosciuto was an affidavit signed by Riconosciuto claiming that when he worked on the Wackenhut Cabazon project, he was given a copy of the Inslaw software by Earl Brian for modification. Riconosciuto also swore that Peter Videnieks, a Justice Department official associated with the Inslaw contract, had visited the Wackenhut Cabazon project with Earl Brian.

Wackenhut Corporation "made inroads" into the methamphetamine operation. A man named Richard Knozzi allegedly headed major government sanctioned meth laboratories in Fresno, Madera and Mariposa counties. A man named Al Holbert, a former Israeli intelligence officer with U.S. citizenship, was the liaison or connection between the Knozzi operation and the U.S. government.

Earl Brian was a businessman and Edwin Meese crony who served in Governor Ronald Reagan's cabinet in California.The $6 million in software stolen from William and Nancy Hamilton, coowners of Inslaw Company, was allegedly sold by the Justice Department through Earl Brian to raise offthebooks money for covert government operations.

On May 18, 1990, Riconosciuto had called the Hamiltons and informed them that the Inslaw case was connected to the October Surprise affair. Riconosciuto claimed that he and Earl Brian had traveled to Iran in 1980 and paid $40 million to Iranian officials to persuade them NOT to release the hostages before the presidential election in which Reagan became president of the United States.

Hamilton believed Dr. Brian and his old crony, former Attorney General Edwin Meese, were behind the attempt to bankrupt and liquidate Inslaw. When Inslaw refused to sell to Hadron, Hamilton believed the DOJ tried to bankrupt and liquidate Inslaw to force the sale of its assets... at firesale prices.

-James Corbett--Danny Casolaro--part 2 NEW, Fascinating Interview with Carol Marshall-

JACKSON STEPHENS, BCCI and drug-money laundering

Andrew W Griffin:
EDITOR’S NOTE It was in late 1998 that I became thoroughly familiar with the story of investigative reporter Danny Casolaro. His amazing – and tragic – story was featured in Kenn Thomas and Jim Keith’s excellent book The Octopus: The Secret Government and the Death of Danny Casolaro, published in 1996 by Feral House. Casolaro was interested in “the Octopus” which is, he believed, “a network of individuals and institutions that Casolaro believed had secretly masterminded a whole series of scandals including the Iran-Contra scandal, the Savings & Loan debacle, the Inslaw case and stolen PROMIS software, and the collapse of BCCI and the 1980 “October Surprise” deal.

Prior to my learning the full story of Casolaro and the Octopus, I worked as an intern reporter at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s Fayetteville bureau in 1996... [but with] another investigative reporter, Mark Swaney... and the Ozark Gazette staff also went into dangerous waters, launching a hard-hitting piece in 1995 titled “Gray Money” about Clinton, the Mena crimes and more.

Jackson Stephens Sr. is a big-money man from Arkansas. A top donor to the Reagan and George H.W. Bush campaigns, he suddenly switched to Clinton in 1990. He brought BCCI to US shores in 1979 and helped to launder cocaine profits from CIA drug smuggling in Mena, Arkansas and elsewhere.

The Stephens' software firm Systematics was to become the nation's biggest supplier of back-office banking software, and would eventually work closely with the National Security Agency to facilitate intelligence monitoring of banking transactions.

[With partners, Jackson acquired equity in banks in Arkansas & Asia]

This propitious union came about just as the Mena, Arkansas, drug-and-arms trade was creating a vast local demand for money-laundering services. At the Asian end, with Mochtar Riady, Stephens purchased Seng Heng Bank in Macao, the "Oriental Las Vegas", where gambling is the primary source of government revenue. Stephens' Systematics supplied software to the Banco Nacional Ultramarino, the cashier and treasury bank of the Macao government and the bank that issues the local currency. (Macao is located less than 40 miles from Hong Kong, the center for heroin trade.)

Emma Best:
"If there’s a good guy in this particular story, it’s former Representative James Leach. During the Saturday Night Massacre of the Nixon administration, Leach resigned in protest. After being elected to Congress, he took part in the Congressional October Surprise investigations which were undermined and misled by CIA. When Whitewater arose, he was a key player in the investigation... These issues touched on Iran-Contra, money laundering centering around Mena Arkansas, Oliver North, Barry Seal, the CIA and the death of Vincent Foster. At the center of it all was a company called Inslaw and a software program known as PROMIS."

"Leach wanted to get to the bottom of it and either verify or disprove the claims that were being made. In addition to the allegations about money being laundered, there were accusations that modified versions of PROMIS were being used to monitor bank accounts and aid in the money laundering process. These allegations came from a number of sources, but the most unique was Chalmer Charles Hayes, known as Chuck Hayes to his friends. Online, however, he had a different nickname – the Angel of Death. He earned this nickname from a series of news stories posted in the early days of the internet by financial expert J. Orlin Grabbe. Before being in contact with Grabbe, Hayes was a source for the journalist Danny Casolaro who died under suspicious circumstances. Hayes claimed to be a CIA operative and technical expert who was used for special hacking jobs by the CIA and the NSA."

Andrew W Griffin:

After the news media began looking into the financial affairs of Jackson Stephens, Stephens hired an international assassin, Pablo Vitale Rodriquez, to kill the Angel of Death. When Pablo failed to do the job, Stephens then teamed up with Don Tyson and Richard Mellon Scaife to purchase a $100,000 contract on the Angel of Death from the New Orleans mafia. The New Orleans mafia gave the contract to two ex-CIA wet boys. Unfortunately, these two men showed up one morning, wrapped in barbed wire and very dead, on Jackson Stephens' lawn. Stephens had the bodies removed, but one of them was subsequently recovered, having been stuffed down a capped oil well in Louisiana.

Agha Hasan Abedi founded BCCI, the largest criminal bank in human history, in 1972. Its board and shareholders were rife with spooks from the US, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, etc. A key part of the October Surprise, BCCI laundered billions in covert and drug money for the CIA' Central American and Afghanistan ops.

Crucial parts of the Arkansas laundry were created when Stephens married his political connections in Panama and Washington to his Little Rock financial institutions and his Little Rock software firm Systematics.

Part of this "intellectual property" would involve a banking- transaction software system based on the stolen PROMIS software. A telecommunications back-door to the PROMIS software was introduced by Michael Riconosciuto, now in prison, but then Director of Research for a Wackenhut Corp.-Cabazon Indian Reservation joint venture. In an affidavit, Riconosciuto says the copy of the PROMIS software he received was given to Wackenhut by Justice Dept. official Peter Videnieks. Earl Brian, acting through Wackenhut, then gave it to Riconosciuto.

BCCI was the center of a global laundry and a conduit for transactions involving arms, drugs, and nuclear technology.

The CIA utilized BCCI for its own payments. For example, Manuel Noriega, who was recruited by the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency in 1959, who went on the CIA payroll in 1967, and who became head of Panamanian military intelligence in 1968, was paid through the Panamanian branch of BCCI.

Jackson Stephens had political connections in Panama, which was then becoming the banking center for the Colombian cocaine business. One of these connections was ...Manuel Noriega, the head of G-2 (Panamanian military intelligence) who made a deal with the Medellin cocaine cartel.

The drug-arms-money laundering connection between Panama and Arkansas was apparently first cemented in the "Iran"-Contra dealings. Both Panama and Arkansas were used by Oliver North as transshipment points for money and arms to the Contras.

Manuel Noriega had outmaneuvered three higher ranking Colonels to became head of the National Guard, which he renamed the Panamanian Defense Forces at the suggestion of Israeli Michael Harari. Hararai, formerly high in the Mossad, had been demoted for assassinating the wrong "terrorist". He showed up in Panama and grew close to Torrijos by mediating between him and his Jewish father-in-law. Harari assisted Noreiga's G-2 in developing sophisticated electronic surveillance techniques. After Noriega's older brother and closest advisor Luis Carlos died in early 1984, Noriega began to call Harari his "mentor".

The powerful PROMIS software was developed by Bill Hamilton’s company Inslaw. It was virtually stolen by the U.S. Treasury Department. It was then combined with software from Systematics and farmed out to the CIA for final modification (installation of a backdoor feature).

When Treasury forced Inslaw into bankruptcy (by withholding payments due Inslaw) ownership of the software wound up with a CIA cutout named the Hadron Corp. Hadron peddled the software to governments and financial institutions around the world, thus giving the CIA backdoor access to the secret information of a number of governments and banks.

...a 1992 Congressional investigation found
two Justice Department memos saying a version of the [PROMIS application, reportedly the granddaddy of today’s government surveillance] software was about to be passed to Israel.

Ptech, ..funded by Stephens’ former BCCI colleagues, was placed in charge of software management at every critical US Government agency- Defense, State, Justice, Energy, Transportation, the White House itself.

"Trojan horse espionage is part of the way of life of companies in Israel. It’s a culture of spying."

  • "Israeli Trojan Horse," CounterPunch, September 27, 2008

"In the weeks preceding 9/11, many elves on Wall Street were working into the night to make Marsh and others' SilverStream fully operable. The software, as Grove pointed out to me, 'was an internet portal framework. Panacya is AI (Artificial Intelligence). PROMIS and P-Tech are the grandparents if you will.

PROMIS software (originally Prosecutor Management Intelligence System) appeared in the early 1980s. It was developed by a small Washington, DC, company, Inslaw Inc., and proved to be the perfect intelligence tool. Though designed for the Department of Justice to help prosecutors in case management, it hooked the attention of corrupt officials and Israeli intelligence. Subsequently stolen from Inslaw, the software was hacked and given a 'trap door.' This trojan gave it the power to retrieve info..."

Christopher Bollyn:
While the terrorism/security drills created the "contrarian scenario" framework within which the real terror attacks occurred, it does not necessarily follow that the agency running the exercise is the actual terrorist. The true culprit is much more likely to be a foreign agency, who is covertly, but intimately aware of the planning of the exercise. By having access to the critical computer networks involved in the exercise this outside agency has the ability to hijack the drill and make it "go live."

While the real terrorists could be from any agency that is involved in the drill, they could also be from a foreign intelligence organization that has gained "back door" access to the computer networks on which the exercise is planned and carried out.

Israeli military intelligence, for example, which has long been engaged in supplying enterprise software, such as Ptech, and network security personnel and programs to the U.S. government and military, undoubtedly has "back door" access to these most sensitive computer networks.

...the "smoking gun" terror drills disprove the official fairy tale that "Islamic terrorists" are responsible for these false flag terror attacks.

Ptech and a quasi government entity named MITRE, utilized PROMIS software to create the FAA’s National Airspace System, in control of operations on 911.

Christopher Bollyn:

9/11 was a computer crime. Apart from being a monstrous crime of mass murder and false flag terrorism, 9/11 was also a sophisticated computer crime, carried out through long-term foreign infiltration of the most sensitive U.S. military and government computer networks. This infiltration by a foreign intelligence agency gave the perpetrators of 9/11 "real-time" access to all the data on the computers of the U.S.government and military. On 9/11, this "super-user" access to the data of the most critical government computer networks gave the terrorists the ability to thwart the military response to the emergency as it developed.

PTECH, A Mossad Front, & 9/11

Christopher Bollyn::
The subject of computer sabotage in relation to the aerial attacks of 9/11 was brought to the fore by Indira Singh... Ptech was said to be a start-up company from Quincy, Massachusetts, whose software was loaded onto the most sensitive computer systems across the U.S. government, including those of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the U.S. Air Force, two agencies whose systems evidently failed on 9/11.

"Ptech was with MITRE Corporation in the basement of the FAA for two years prior to 9/11," Singh said. "Their specific job is to look at interoperability issues the FAA had with NORAD and the Air Force in the case of an emergency. If anyone was in a position to know that the FAA -- that there was a window of opportunity or to insert software or to change anything -- it would have been Ptech along with MITRE."

Ptech software "is utilized at the highest levels of almost every government and military and defense organization in this country," Singh said, "including the Secret Service, the FBI, the Department of Defense, the House of Representatives, the Treasury Department, the IRS, the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Air Force, and, last but not least, the Federal Aviation Administration."

Indira Singh
Maybe those organizations don’t fully know who their masters are. And Ptech is the one thread, the one golden thread you pull on and all of this is unraveled, because it goes into the corporations, it goes into these government entities, it goes into the terrorism financing entities that were, that none of which have been, by the way, taken to task. There are just so many questions about what does this all mean. And as we investigated, as I investigated further, we found that the origins of Ptech were very interesting – where did this company come from obviously is the first question. And how did they get to be so powerful, who were the people, who were the organizations that brought them in, who knew, who gave them the power?

Christopher Bollyn:
...the real key person involved in the development of the company was a Zionist Jewish lawyer named Michael Goff from Worcester, Massachusetts. Goff also worked for an Israeli-run computer security company called Guardium. This confirmed my suspicion that Ptech was probably an Arab "cut out" controlled by the Mossad, and that Goff was their point man in Ptech.

Goff's father and grandfather had been high-level Masons in the Worcester lodge of B'nai B'rith, a secret Jewish Masonic group formed in New York City in 1843. Goff obviously lied to me about how he had gotten involved with Ptech in 1994... It seemed to me that the Ptech cut-out had been exposed. My revelations about Ptech's Zionist roots were published in a newspaper based in Washington, D.C. Singh, however, ignored the evidence of Israeli involvement with the creation of Ptech and continued to accuse the company of being linked to Saudi sponsors of terror. Meanwhile, Ptech software is still running on U.S. government and military computers.


In the documents about the FAA failures on 9/11, I came across the name of a Monte R. Belger, acting deputy administrator of the FAA at the time. A long-term FAA official who began his career with the FAA in Chicago, Monte Belger was the senior official who oversaw the upgrading of the FAA air traffic computer systems that began in the late 1990s and which was ongoing in 2001.

Belger was the key decision maker at the Federal Aviation Administration, responsible for the software and computer upgrades that involved Ptech, the suspicious upgrades which were being done during the years prior to 9/11.

After he left the FAA, Belger became the "Vice President, Government Connection" of a small Israeli-run company based in the Fort Lauderdale area called U.S. Aviation Technology. The company was founded by Ehud "Udi" Mendelson, who described himself as "a captain in the prestigious Army Intelligence Unit of the Israel Defense Force."

Christopher Bollyn spoke on the AZL Roundtable of Worcester, Massachusetts. The discussion focused on the critical roles of the Michael S. Goff (originally of Worcester) and the Mossad "cut-out" company Ptech and its key role in providing Israeli-made Trojan Horse enterprise software to facilitate the over-riding of the critical government computer systems on 9-11, such as those of the Federal Aviation Administration.

The Life & Murder of Vince Foster

James Norman:
Among the biggest profiteers on PROMIS, according to the 1992 book by former Israeli anti-terrorism staffer Ari Ben-Menaseche, was former British publisher Bob Maxwell. On behalf of the Israelis, Maxwell aggressively marketed a doctored version of PROMIS equipped with one or more "back doors" to allow an outsider to tap into the user's data base without leaving an audit trail. In fact, it may have been such rigged programs that allowed noted Israeli spy Jonathon Pollard, from his computer terminal at the Office of Naval Intelligence in Washington, to download vast amounts of top secret U.S. nuclear weapons and code data in the mid-1980s.

It took some effort to install and support PROMIS in the banking industry. That's where Vince Foster came in. Sources say that since at least the late 1970s, Foster had been a silent, behind-the-scenes overseer on behalf of the NSA for a small Little Rock, Ark., bank data processing company. Its name was Systematics Inc., launched in 1967 and funded and controlled for most of its life by Arkansas billionaire Jackson Stephens... Foster was one of Stephens' trusted deal makers at the Rose Law Firm...who began working for Mossad in the 1980's.

Richard Mellon Scaife

Michael Collins Piper reveals in Final Judgement that Richard Mellon Scaife, along with the Stern Family of New Orleans, were silent investors in the NUMEC nuclear plant in Pittsburg which was illegally diverting weapons grade plutonium to Israel.

Christopher Bollyn
Israeli Transtech Control "Airfield Management" software provided by a senior Israeli spymaster was running on the computer systems of many of the airports and U.S. Air Force bases involved in the events of 9/11.

Jackson Stephens & The Clintons

Jackson Stephens was a top donor to Ronald Reagan & George HW Bush

Adnan Khashoggi

Manichur Ghorbanifar, Adnan Khashoggi, and Richard Armitage brokered the transaction of Promis software to Sheik Klahid bin Mahfouz (BCCI director) for resale and general distribution as gifts in his region.

Richard Armitage

Colin Powell by Daniel Brandt:
Rand Corporation has their cyberwar screed posted on the Internet. In the Rand Corporation's essay, the new MTR (military technology revolution) homes in on "Topsight" (seeing the big picture). Colin Powell is quoted (Byte, July 1992) about how "battlespace" includes an "infosphere," and personal computers were "force multipliers" in the Gulf War. [The] Mitre Corporation, another beltway bandit, [may have been a factor.]

James Corbett:
In 2000, Richard Andrew Grove was working for Silverstream Software, a software development company specializing in enterprise architecture software. By October of that year he had landed the firm their largest client in the company's history: Marsh & McLennan. After finding evidence that Silverstream was overbilling Marsh by nearly $7 million and being told to keep quiet by both his own management and those he confided to at Marsh, he was fired. After his termination, he was invited to present his evidence at a staff meeting in Marsh's offices where Marsh employees who were suspicious of such transactions themselves were gathered. That meeting was on the 98th floor of the World Trade Center. It was the 11th of September, 2001. And everyone who was in attendance at the meeting died there that day. Grove, who had been late for the meeting, survived. His remarkable story, as well as subsequent events, led him to start piecing together how 9/11 helped financial institutions and insurance companies cover up billions of dollars in fraud [through a back door in the software] by eliminating those who were asking questions about it.

Edwin Meese served on the Executive Committee (1994) and as president (1996) of the Council For National Policy. The highly secretive Christian Zionist organization, which included luminaries such as Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and Oliver North, orchestrated the culture wars of the 1980's & 90's and built a fanatical base of popular political support for Israel upon a foundation of End Times theology.

Australian Expose on Islaw (part 1/3)

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