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Truth Is Under Attack


We live in perilous times where governments and business are getting away with lying to its citizens. We are a group of concerned developers building a new way to incentivize the discovery of truth. By using the power of Ethereum, distributed networks and crowdfunding, we are building a system that will reward people who help surface the truth.

$$$ For Truth

Concerned citizens pool their resources and reward it to someone who reveals a requested truth. As the pot grows, incentive grows to reveal the truth.

Fully Decentralized

Using Ethereum smart contracts, there is no authority (including us) that can withhold information or rewards from people that reveal a truth.

Open Source

Our smart contracts are open source and community audited. All bytecode is verifiable to ensure contracts are doing exactly what they should be doing.

ICO Goals

TNT.......... 10M .........3K ETH ...........10%
Symbol... Supply... Min Raise.... Early Access Discount

Our ICO will raise a "Match Fund" which will be fully controlled by the community. With this fund, the community has even more power to reward people that reveal truths. For more information on our ICO, please read our white paper. We are aiming for late July.

If you have any questions or would like to help us, please send us an email at hello@trutheum.com

Zug, Switzerland

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IMO truth has been twisted, maligned, and hidden by those who would perpetrate the mindscaping of the people for far far...far too long.

I'm not much on understanding White Papers...and not sure this is another issue from the Ethereum crowd...but at least it's a start of something.

Regardless how mutated truth can be made to seem...truth always remains...true.

Best of luck with this...and great idea for the use of blockchain tech!

~may all hatred cease...let there be peace~


@cryptologyx The sword of Truth has been called and it shall be felt in virtual memory over the internet and in the halls of institutional governance...


let truth reside in the immutability of the blockchain...and teach all who seek it how to surf that blockchain...

Seems only fitting to me...let the chain set us free!