George H W Bush dies

in truth •  9 months ago 

Good riddance to a scumbag. Responsible for wars and flooding inner cities with crack killing thousands maybe millions of people. Many other horrible things too. If there’s a hell he’s in it.

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Saw your post from 2 months ago about reddit being evil and run by the elite. Noticed something very unusual myself there the other day. Basically, every post in the mandela effect subreddit gets downvoted if it has anything to do with actual support of the mandela effect, and all the posts that basically say it's a confirmation bias get upvoted. Your post about it being run by the elite kinda fits what I observed. Very unusual. They definitely run a goon squad that attacks anything that even remotely talks about conspiracies. It's my opinion that anyone who uses the word "ponzi" in relation to bitcoin is just a paid goon for the central banks. Random tidbit, but I've found enough evidence to support the theory.