The truth like a Rorschach stain.

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That's how I understood it, but I could be wrong.

The truth is like a Rorschach stain....

When we see the truth from the perspective of the soul, we see what we want to see, in a biased way and according to a confirmation bias.

When we see the truth from the perspective of the spirit, we see what we need to see, in a subjective way and according to the personal circumstance in which we find ourselves.

When we hold on to "our truth" of the spirit we stop fighting, free ourselves and find true life (which is life and inner peace).

When we hold on to "our truth" of the soul, we will fight for it to the death.

For some time now I have understood this, that all those who look at this "Rorschach truth" from the spirit will come to the understanding they need to come to according to their personal circumstances of each moment they are in. If at some point we need to believe that God is salvation, we shall see. If at any other time we need to believe that Reiki is, then so be it. And it will not be contradictory, but continuist. Little by little a process will follow that will take us to where we need to go, and the ways to get to the essence (bottom) of things will be lost.

The difference is that those who see it from the soul will fight and strive to overcome others, but those who see it from the spirit will realize that it is something intimate and untransferable, and will go their way without disturbing anyone. Everyone has to find his own, knowing that if circumstances change, the truth changes too. But in the end we realize that it only changes shape, but not substance.

Of course, all this will work for me, and anyone can tell me this "nonsense" thing, and they will not lack reason.

In this sense, a long time ago I understood something that came to me from within:

"The wise man realizes that the best thing he can do is to keep quiet"

Have a good one!

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