Revisiting 9/11 - Are we ready to face reality or would we prefer to live in ignorance?

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I sat in shock, horror as I watched my television screen. I had not showered, I had only gotten out of bed 20 minutes earlier. My coffee with cream, no sugar went unnoticed in my hand. The emotions were hard to describe as I sat there watching the news. It was showing over and over again the planes hitting the towers. What did this mean? Who would dare do this to us? Are we this vulnerable? Are more attacks coming... today? Tomorrow? Next week? And the body count estimate was horrific.

More on my personal experience later and how I reacted to seeing the largest most destructive terror attacks happen on the morning of September 11, 2001.

Fast forward to 2008. I began to question the official story lines in many different areas of my life. Why did I believe what my church taught? Could I find support in the bible for what they taught?

What about the wars in the middle east... Why were we in Iraq - didn't most of the hijackers come from Saudi Arabia? How about Al Qaeda they took responsibility isn't Osama bin Laden from Saudi Arabia? And why are we killing people by the thousands in Afghanistan?

There were many other things that made me seriously doubt the official story line...

And so my journey began to discovering the truth for myself.

The hardest part of this journey wasn't finding actual facts, video footage, eyewitness testimony etc.. It was dealing with the let down of my own government lying to me. I went into a very low period. I felt used. I felt stupid. And eventually I felt horrible for my actions supporting a monstrous power "looking out" for my best interests by killing hundreds of thousands of people overseas.

The first documentary that really made me face the ugly truth of 9/11 was the one below called "In Plane Sight."

The evidence that they presented on the Pentagon was enough to convince me that they lied about the Pentagon attack. A Boeing 757 did not hit the Pentagon. Watch the video. If they lied about the Pentagon then they lied about it all. I still can't say who is responsible for 9/11 - there are lots of theories out there, and your guess is as good as mine without a "real criminal investigation" being launched. BUT THAT IS NOT THE POINT!

The point is the story we were told is an extremely well supported but physically impossible lie. In fact, it is a testament to the influence of whoever is running our government and the people in it.

Like every documentary they do a great job at telling their story as they see it. They are not 100% correct on everything they say just like I am not, but allow your mind to chew on the evidence they present.

Building 7 was another smoking gun. A few little fires in a couple offices caused the entire building to fall flat? Like a controlled demolition? That is the official story - but seemed fishy. So am I the only one who thinks this is seriously whacked? Are modern structures that weak, that dangerous?

Through my journey I went from being shocked, to angry, to depressed and finally to disbelief. The hardest part to swallow of this whole event that has shaped the last 16 years of world history is NOT how evil the cabal who pulled it off is. But how weak, gullible and fearful the American people are. I found that my friends and family were "Stepford" friends and family. Somehow someone replaced them with obedient and trusting souls that looked exactly like the people I knew before. In all seriousness, it is hard to see something as clear as day and when you present the truth to someone you know and instead of interest, you see their eyes glass over and their minds filtering out anything that might be disturbing...

....Back to my own experiences on 9/11.

To my shame and guilt, now when I look back on the days and weeks following the attacks on the American people on September 11, 2001, I am appalled at how I let the people who perpetrated 9/11 influence me. Their messages through the main stream media completely blinded me to the truth, and caused me to cheer when I saw the first bombs drop in Iraq.

For 7 years I believed that we were going after the one's responsible for 9/11. And for 7 years I was glad that these "terrorists" shown what the full force of the American military can do. Now I feel anger and shame for what we have done and the million or so people we have killed in the name of "fighting terrorism."

So are we ready to take another look at 9/11 and see it in a new light. In light of facts. In light of evidence. In light of the results. In light of justice. And maybe, just maybe we can actually make the world a better place. Even if more people begin to question the official story line this country and the world would be better off. It will cause some people pain. It completely destroys most people's paradigm of baseball and apple pie. But before we blunder into another war with Russia or some other nation maybe we should review are recent history. Not to shore up what we already believe but to search out the truth.

And with a little truth behind us maybe we can make our own voices be heard.