The Truths of the World

in truth •  16 days ago

Your conscience, the breath you take, the area you occupy, your humanity. Greetings and respects to deceased parents whose children are unable to complete their life while they are alive.

It's not a day, unfortunately, an unscrupulous mother, an unscrupulous father, without reading the news. You know, we call it hand, or if we do it, we don't know what we call it.

Mothers who are looking for a solution to be beaten abounding, the mother of the tiny body, your mother's day is approaching, is not it ...

When you're married, the mother cheers her husband off with another married man, the shameless look on the face of their children, and you're sure to celebrate your mothers day.

Mum, she's tormented, she shuts her 3-year-old kid into the dark bathroom, and you think you've got a mother's day, too.

The mother is the only witness to capture the boy with her lover, the murder of the boy's mother, your name is called the obligatory mother.

Angry with her husband mourning and killing her children, you have mothers day, but there are no children to celebrate.

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