You are the god of your universe. Here's why.

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Do you ever day dream about being Bill Gates or some rich, powerful, and influential person? This article will argue why you shouldn't. Maybe you would like to have Bill Gates wealth? Maybe his drive? But you don't actually want to be Bill Gates. If you really think about it, you want to be YOU but with his wealth and circumstances. If you were Bill Gates, you wouldn't be you.

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So what does it mean to be you? EVERYTHING.

Think with me on this... you've never really seen anything in the universe. Assuming your eyes work, light bounces off of objects and then gets detected by your eyes which sends electrical senses to your brain. Your brain then interprets this data to the best of its ability and offers up a thought of what you "see". Have you ever been driving late at night and start hallucinating? This is because sometimes your brain struggles with the interpretation of those electrical signals.


This is also true with taste, smell, sound... even touch. There are all kinds of tricks that will confuse your brain and prove to you that your brains interpretation of reality becomes reality. Of course, there is also the condition known as distonia.

With the knowledge that you've lived your entire life only witnessing what your brain interprets to you, you can begin to realize that you're constrained to yourself. It is very possible that you are the only person in the universe, and everyone around you is just a figment of your imagination. You may see other people... or your brain could be falsely saying that you see someone. You could hug someone... or you could be hugging air with your brain telling you that you are hugging a person. There is no way to really know for sure either way.

You only know that you exist and that you are witnessing a universe. Even if you saw a man with a long grey beard sitting on a cloud, you can't be certain that he exists... or if your brain is just thinking god is there. If god spoke to you and you could hear him in your head... is it really god or just your brain interpreting something that isn't happening? So if only you exist and the universe that you are witnessing... you are your own god. As far as you truly know, you are the only consciousness in existence of your universe. God.


The only person you can say for sure exists is yourself. And that's ok. I can't be 100% positive that my family exists, but I find joy in hugging them, feeding them, talking with them, etc. I can't be obligated to them because I'm not even sure that they exist, but I do feel happiness and concern in their care.

The heaviest part is the realization that as God, you and only you are responsible for how you feel. Someone can be an asshole to you, but it is you that ends up reacting in one way or another. No one made you cuss them out. You and only you chose to cuss out someone that may or may not exist. No one made you love someone, but you and only you decided to act on those feelings and open your heart to someone that may or may not exist. Consider how far down this rabbit hole goes.

So congratulations on finding out today that you are God (if you didn't already know). Sadly, this comes with a hell of a burden of responsibility, but once accepted... you will be empowered too.


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