in truth •  9 months ago

It's easy to shout fuck the system, but, absolutely futile if you continue to support it. It's easy to shout revolution, but, absolutely futile if you do not undergo an inner revolution first. It's easy to shout, but, shouting does nothing but let off steam.
If you are serious about wanting to create a better world then don't raise your voice, improve your argument.

Here is my argument in support of blockchain. https://www.dropbox.com/s/med51gtvh21b4fd/bitcoin%20gambit%20book.pdf?dl=0

The password to open the file is: gambit


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Hi Guardian Angel - I'm doing my best to learn about crypto - gradually getting it - one thing I love is no banks needed - wow - that's freedom for a burdened world. Hope you come and visit me @talk2momz. I don't talk about crypto but might mention guardianangels some times :-)


Well done for educating yourself, now is the time to take personal responsibility, people will be well rewarded for it. All the old system has proven is that it cannot be relied upon for anything, when the economy goes tits up a lot of the money will go into cryptocurrencies, its a good time to learn.