Inside the State Department's Troll Farm - Daniel McAdams on The Corbett Report

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Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Liberty Report and joins us today to discuss the State Department's "Global Engagement Center," an online troll farm dedicated to countering "foreign disinformation" on the web...with their own disinformation. We talk about the origins of the center and how it connects to the grander neocon-created #Russiagate disinfo campaign.

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The impact of such farms has concrete results on the perception of so many people that are actually active on-line and they are worth the "investment" for such agencies and the people responsible behind their existence, in the first place.

Thank you so much for exposing their culture and let us consider the harmful and destructive effects agencies of this genre provokes in our digital culture and beyond...

Namaste :)

This massive infringement of our rights makes me think American citizens are the so-called "foreigners" they target.

Great work as usual. I'd appreciate if all here would take some time to monitor my recent posts about censorship, since you can see direct evidence of my comments disappearing in realtime on facebook and even now the admittance from the head technical manager of steemit that he intends to heavily downvote any posts that contradict the government narrative on vaccinations. I am currently developing tools to counter this at my website and will be publishing a detailed post on this whole debacle soon too.

I also just posted a rebuttal to the new "greatest ever 'scientific study into fake news". lol

Wow. great post. DTube won't censor searches in that way I hope. This is how it all begins,,, time to refresh on double speak.

Oh boy, how muddy the waters of "information" have become. I feel sorry for those who don't take the effort to really bolster their media literacy because they are certainly grist for the mill with respect to the sheer power of the opinion makers of the world.

Sure, data is the new oil. I'm wondering though, in this hyper aggressive form of mis/disinformation, are human minds (let's call it the "belief gravity" of the populace) among the largest commodity that is being harvested in world societies today? Powers have always tried to sway opinions/craft beliefs and ideas, but the process is so invasive and all consuming that I'm thinking this is much bigger than opinion swaying. This mind control seems to be an excellent tool for channeling humans into thought streams that can help to flow them into consumerist channels as well. Once you've got the minds, you've got the ability to package and sell those minds (full of your opinions btw) to the corporate powers that are looking for a particular type of consumer, one who has already been adequately prepped for happily receiving its goods/wares. I don't know, just an idea.

OH... it's for the Russians and Chinese.. GOOD ONE GOYS!!!
Thanks James!

The Russians and the Chinese are always lucky.

same procedure as every year USA... Do evil and blame Russia!

It’s not ‘all we can do’ is to keep trying to spread the truth on the google platforms, twitter etc. No. The answer is to put more traffic on DTube, bitchute and gab. F#£^ YouTube. F}%^# Twitter. F## google. For all those platforms do, there are, and will be, more decentralized platforms to go to. I already see improvements in the interfaces for these platforms (search is finally working for me on dtube here) and this trend will continue. How to raid the offices of dtube? They can’t. There is no central location to attack. That is wonderful because it means they would have to shut down the entire internet to kill dtube. Good luck with that.

I'll keep in touch n hope everything goes well!
Good luck!

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Hey, great video! Would you mind checking out my channel and letting me know what you think?

The problem I have with these news is, Is this the actual truth behind the process?

Great video.

trolling became part of our culture

That LOGO is like the LOGO of the National Security Agency

ahh 240p. A staple of the corbett report.

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