Never Forget: What the Deep State Wants You to Remember About 9/11

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by James Corbett
September 8, 2018

"Never forget."

This is the mantra. The mantra that is repeated in the wake of every major false flag, every psychologically traumatizing incident that the deep state wishes to become a rallying cry for their next agenda item.

And so it is completely unsurprising that this mantra has been invoked to remind the public of that foundational event of the age of terror, 9/11.

"Never forget," we are told by the mockingbirds of the establishment press every year come September. And when I say "every year" I mean every / single / year / without / fail. (Well, sometimes it's a fail, but you get what I mean).

But never forget what? That is the question.

Never forget that false flag terrorism has been used time and time again throughout history to whip up war hysteria among the public? Never forget that the Afghan war and the war of terror in general was based on the lie of 9/11? Never forget that the official government conspiracy theory of 9/11, the 9/11 Commission Report, is a tissue of lies and omissions based on torture testimony that would be inadmissible in any court and is self-contradictory to boot? Never forget that official government cover-ups into the events have relied on outright lies, confiscation and memory holing of key evidence that proves that 9/11 was not the work of the magical cave-dwelling dialysis patient and his band of box-cutter-wielding henchmen?

No, of course not. "Never forget" the officially sanctioned, government-approved lessons of 9/11, silly! That's what "never forget" means.

Never forget that it was those scary dirty bearded Muslim boogeymen who did 9/11, and it was definitely the Muslims who were cheering the destruction of the Towers, not the Israeli Mossad agents who were there to "document the event."

Never forget that it was those damn dirty Afghans who were just begging to be smart bombed on 9/11, despite the fact that 92% had never even heard of 9/11 in a 2010 poll. (They must have forgotten about it in the meantime.)

Never forget that the fact that every single major terror bust since 9/11 has turned out to be a plot instigated, planned, funded and "busted" by the FBI just means that the FBI's loyal agents are really really really good at their jobs!

Never forget that the American public was given not one, not two, not three, but four separate, conflicting stories about the lack of air defense on the morning of 9/11, and that 9/11 Commissioners wanted to bring criminal charges against Pentagon officials for their deliberate lies . . . uhhhh, hold on. Actually, maybe it's better if you forget that one.

Never forget that the laws of physics just don't apply at certain times and places. (The northeastern United States on 9/11 was one of those times and places.)

Never forget that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was the 9/11 mastermind "from A to Z." Please do forget that everything obtained from him was torture testimony inadmissable in any court of law and that he also falsely confessed to crimes he did not (and could not have) committed.

Never forget that Wirt Walker III, a Bush family relative and a business partner of Marvin Bush, was COMPLETELY CLEARED of any 9/11 insider trading because, after all, the FBI's investigation of him "revealed no ties to terrorism or other negative information."

Never forget that the mistranslated videotape obtained under dubious circumstances in late 2001 proved Osama Bin Laden's culpability for 9/11 once and for all . . . even if the dastardly arch-terrorist mastermind repeatedly denied any involvement in the most spectacular terrorist attack in history up to that point.

Never forget that Iran was probably behind 9/11, too. Somehow. The details are unimportant, just trust us.

Never forget that Christine Todd-Whitman is now a hero of the resistance so we should never acknowledge that she is directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of 9/11 first responders and many thousands who are still dying from the toxic dust at Ground Zero.

Never forget that two airplanes can completely pulverize three of the largest skyscrapers in the world, bringing them directly down into the path of most resistance at freefall acceleration, and if you question this fact you're a lizard-fearing loony who deserves nothing but scorn.

Never forget that if NIST ever revealed to the public exactly how they got their computer models to replicate the miraculous self-immolation of WTC7 it would "jeopardize public safety," so they classified that data for your own good!

Never forget that Rumsfeld's "war on bureaucracy"—declared on 9/10 in response to the uncomfortable issue of the Pentagon's missing trillions—must have been successful, because you never heard about it again!

Never forget that the war of terror will never ever be over until every last opponent of the New World Order is eliminated from the planet. But feel free to forget the actual legal "justification" for that war.

Never forget that if you have any questions about the official government-approved story of 9/11 (you know, like those vile victims’ family members, first responders, military officers, American congressmen and women, intelligence agents, foreign dignitaries, 9/11 commissioners and other conspiracy nutjobs) then you are unpatriotic slime . . . and potentially a terrorist just asking to be locked up for life.

So, there you have it. The things you're actually not supposed to forget about 9/11. Now just sit back, wave your Chinese-made plastic American flag and join us in this year's celebration memorial at Ground Zero, then go back to your daily life. Like a good citizen.

Did I forget any "never forget"s? Don't forget to let me know in the comment section!

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Never Forget to Never Trust Anything the Government Tells You #911Truth

  • Never forget that a boxcutter is the most powerful weapon on the planet.

  • Never forget that confusing military/police-state drills always take place before or during a 'terrorist' attack and that's totally just coincidence that you definitely shouldn't find suspicious at all.

  • Never forget that James Corbett is one of the most extraordinary human beings on the planet and is by far the most impressive/capable researcher/investigator/truth-seeker I know of.

Amen to that! Great job as always, James!

Lets assume the deep state actually did do everything the evidence shows. The majority of the public believes and supports them. Everytime we form breakaway groups, they invade our camps or kibbutz and label us terrorists. How do we keep us safe and them out?

Never forget that the war of terror will never ever be over until every last opponent of the New World Order is eliminated from the planet.

Unfortunately, the psychopaths in charge "know" that fear is the greatest tool they have for keeping the tax cattle moving in the direction they desire.

When the Berlin wall fell, i wondered, what enemy will the create now?

They have already gotten people to believe that super-hackers are born and trained in a backwards, backwater tin-pot dictatorship who barely has internet access.

The only counter to this is love. Psychopaths do not feel love, so they have no defense of it. However, most people are too down in fear to ever really love. And very few know how to help. as in, millions still send money to the Crimson Cross who have been known to squander and misplace those donations.

If I may add a couple more to the list..

  • Never forget that passports seem to be the most indestructible materials known to man.
  • Never forget that although the "masterminds" keep managing to break through the boarders, with the cunning of a Harvard fox, they never seem to be able to take-out anyone "important", just us plebs.

My new and highly educated 'better-half' asked me "Why would you think they(The Government) would want to kill so many of their own people?"... We spent the next hour, or two, watching your "Suspects of 9/11" series.... Job done and case closed, another person enlightened. Keep up the good work.

  ·  last year (edited)

"completely pulverize three of the largest skyscrapers in the world"

well almost happened

"bringing them directly down into the path of most resistance at freefall acceleration"

Did most of the mass of the towers really fall DOWN at freefall acceleration?

James, look at the video evidence with your own eyes.

If most of the towers mass fell down, how could most of it have been pulverized so perfectly and leave such a small rubble pile? If it was explosives or any kind of thermite why didn't most of the mass crash down on the ground (in large chunks) and cause the "bathtub", in which the towers stood, get cracks or even get completely destroyed? I have seen photos of the bathtub, that were taken after it had been cleaned out. It did not look like as if two 500,000 ton skyscrapers crashed down on it. Not to mention that there was never a lake of molten metal/steel in it.

Again James look at the video evidence carefully with your own eyes. It tells you what did NOT happen.

Yes, they fell down at freefall acceleration.

If there was ANY resistance to their falling, they would have taken 3 times (or more) as long to fall.
Lets take a cue ball, drop it off the top of the towers. If it bounced off of just one floor on its way down, that takes 3 times as long.
If you take 110 cue balls and place one at every floor, and then you have this electric eye that sees the one above it fall past, and an electric apparatus kicks it off so it begins falling too, then the last que ball hits the ground 3.5 times as long as the buildings took to fall.

The only way something falls at free fall speeds is that it runs into nothing on its way down.

You are correct that 500,000 tons of skyscraper did not have much impact on the landing spot.
This has been theorized that the buildings were turned to powder. And powder has a much slower terminal velocity. The powder fell and was sent in huge dunes all over New York City.

Now, there are many reports of rivers of molten metal under the building.
The firefighters having to get new boots almost every day because the heat was melting the soles.
Thermographic satellites showed the twin tower location as very hot for months after the collapse.

Further, the weirdest fact is that cars in the area had their sides delaminated. The literally had layers of the sheet metal peeled off. Nothing that we commonly work with does that.

  ·  last year (edited)

"Yes, they fell down at freefall acceleration."

Most of the material of the towers was turned into dust in mid air. Dust doesn't fall at free fall acceleration in air. Just because you see the "reaction" going on from top to bottom at nearly free fall acceleration, it doesn't mean that most of the buidling fell as rubble from the top floors down to the ground at free fall acceleration. The rubble pile was very small compared to the original height of the buidlings. Do you get what I mean?! It was meant to look like as if the towers collapsed into their footsprints at free fall acceleration, when actually most of the material was turned into dust in mid air before ever reaching the ground.

I have seen photos of the bathtub. There were no signs of previous molten metal. If there was a lake of molten metal, they couldn't have cleaned out the bathtub in such a short amount of time like they did. How do you remove a massive block of steel from a bathtub? Also if the heat melted the soles of the workers, their feet would have been cooked long before that. How did they use their hydraulic equipment when it was supposedly so hot at the site? I believe this molten metal lake stuff is all disinformation. There is not one single photo that shows a lake of molten metal beneath the rubble of the twin towers. But there are photos of a perfectly cleaned out bathtub at ground zero.

I was there. There were fires burning for weeks. No molten lake or talk of.

The only coherent and plausible theory I heard of is that of Dimitri Khalezov's with his third truth. The rest is disinformation or ignorance at least.

Never forget: we can get rid of the deep state.

NEVER FORGET ❗️And I won’t forget the treasonous act committed by USA 🇺🇸 corporation against my REPUBLIC ❗️

Don't forget to interview Dr. Judy Wood.