Digital Strip Searches Coming to an Airport Near You - #NewWorldNextWeek

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This week on the New World Next Week: the world takes one step closer to nuclear annihilation; digital strip searches become the law of the land in New Zealand; and North and South Korea cooperate to remove DMZ land mines.


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resteemed ...Thanks guys great work ....

I feel the altmedia is still doing a great disservice to the altpolitical parties by ignoring them as much as the mainstream media does.... I have seen no info or interviews about the other parties candidates or ideas and policies ...just a big black hole .. I hear some exist ... And this goes for all countries ... I find it quite baffling the alt media does not speak of the alternative political parties and are not welcomed on the altmedia more often. One would think it a mach made in heaven...

Corbett is a voluntaryist, and a principled one at far as I can see.

Talking about which master to pick, and how one master is better master, then the other one, is maybe nice when one is a slave looking for a better master, but as a free human being it would be a pretty contradictory thing to do....imho. :)

Holy crap that's awful.

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Who's to say what a war is now-a-days. Wars are not like what they used to be.

Thanks James'

I embedded this video in my "Zionist Trump" page at

Woodchuck Pirate
aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA

I’m not surprised . Anyone who has the British flag 🇬🇧 in their flag , often operates like a fucking communist❗️😆 Anal cavity inspections anyone🧐❓What a bunch of meat puppets . 😂 🤦‍♂️

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