Can You Handle The Truth?

in truth •  last year 

Blessed are those with eyes that see. Please Feel Free to share this and any Jonathan Kleck videos .

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Your work make us think: at the end it is just a piece of paper, nothing else, the rest is on us (humanity), and how we want to see it, thnaks @brotherdave

I see you just joined recently. Welcome, Things are just getting started. Remember every penny earned on Steemit could be worth 100 or more in a few years. And of course the many friends you'll find.

“The wise man does not lay up his own treasures. The more he gives to others, the more he has for his own.”

Thank you @brotherdave for promoting some of my post.. i thought my writings gonna unworthy and i feel i owe you something.

My voting power not worth a but I can do content creation about anything i do search and i can write articals. Anything about create content for your steemit account ill willing to do it for you as gratitude.

I was inspired by your diligence, posting on so many subjects over just 4 months. I only resteem those I feel are most worthy. Sharing is quite rewarding in itself. thank you, keep up the good work, I'll be checking in

@brotherdave you're appreciation means lot to me. And its funny that 4 months back i didn't have much knowledge of that i am having now.. so many intresting stuffs in the world that i can talk about read about write about especial thank to @steemit..

Thank you.

That is right, i just discovered this "answers" area, and just reading your comment, and thanks a lot for your upvote

That sounds cool, man who says they had plans to bomb something they didn't plan on building yet...Got a 1969 20 $ bill, Fed building built in 1977, hmmm what say you now? TouchDown!!

it really amazes the content of your videos and posts, makes us think in the end it's just a piece of paper and nothing else, the rest is on us and how we want to see it. thanks @brotherdave