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Owning to advancement in technological development, TrustLogics seem to be very much prepared in disrupting the global recruitment industry with their proposed innovative platform which is anchored on blockchain technology.
People who are familiar and current with development within the technology sector can attest that blockchain technology has continued to gain global widespread adoption due to it is unique advantageous features. The recruitment industry operates a centralized system with varying degree of setbacks. Lack of transparency, inadequate storage of data which mostly result in data theft and loss, inefficiencies in matching recruiters with job seekers, limited global reach, etc are some of the setbacks associated with centralized systems.
Actors of TrustLogics believe that utilising the full potential of blockchain technology is capable of solving the existing problems of centralized systems.

The TrustLogics platform is a start-up aimed at creating a decentralized system in the recruitment industry where recruiters can easily connect with job seekers. It is designed with two different types of user profile, one for job recruiters and one for job seekers.
TrustLogics is adopting a hybrid approach to its blockchain solution by using the ethereum network and HyperLedger.
The ethereum network will serve as the public blockchain facilitating transactions while HyperLedger will serve as the private blockchain that will secure data storage. It will be cloud-hosted on the Amazon AWS, along with necessary libraries and API end points.
The use of blockchain will no doubt, give TrustLogics tremendous security advantage as well as providing much greater confidence for all users of the platform.

Business model of TrustLogics revolves around the huge $428 billion global recruitment market inefficiencies currently operated by centralized systems.
TrustLogics beta phase has already been launched since December, 2017. The web and mobile Apps (Android and iOS) are also available and can be accessed on the official website of TrustLogics or by downloading from Apple/play store.
Considering milestone achieved so far, one would probably agree that the project is on track towards achieving success. About 100,000k users are already registered on the platform with several partnership already signed, including MoU with Republic of Suriname(South American country), Republic of Guinea, etc already concluded.
There are different application areas within the platform to drive demand of TrustLogics token, these includes the attestation data needed by users to get their professional milestone attested, peer to peer hiring, as well as trust reward model to reward users for their activities within the platform.

TrustLogics team is another point of interest. The team is headed by Srinivas Dabba as founder and CEO with over 15 years of executive level experience in technology business field. Information about the entire team can be accessed on official website of TrustLogics. Experts across the crypto and blockchain industry have also rated the project very high.
TrustLogics also won the American Business Award in 'Tech startup of the year(2018)'
The project ICO is currently ongoing with bonuses for early investors.
More information about TrustLogics can be accessed via the links below.

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