Bitcoins for our Grandmothers

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Fascinating concept coming up soon. I've been working with a group of very dedicated guys that have created a very powerful tool. I have been fascinated with Bitcoin since I first heard about it back in 2011. At first, I thought it was great to have a few and buy stuff around the internet. Later I realized that things just weren't that "cut-n-dry". It is down-right tricky to keep possession of your cryptos. I was really having a hard time keeping track of my passwords, keeping a running node and downloading these crazy long blockchains. For a period of time I was really burned out and I thought there was no way this was going to go mainstream if, even I, couldn't keep up with all the security threats and mistakes that can make you lose your money. I fell in love with the idea of physical cryptos and I even came out with my own physical wallet coin (Hugo Grocio) in Uruguay South America. It was a hit but people really didn't understand how vulnerable their value was by having their private key hidden behind a hologram sticker. I had to do something more powerful for the masses of people that are just dying to get into the crypto-verse but maybe just couldn't or didn't care enough to become a security expert for their own Bitcoins. I mean, I understand people's lives are busy. And also, I was dealing with a Spanish speaking population. There just aren't that many good resources for information out there if you can't get it in English (and lots of bad resources in English too but...). Anyway... Me and my crypto buds have been rackin' our brains now for 3 years and I think we've got the solution. We should be launching before the end of the year. So... get ready guys. Let your grandma know that she'll be able to keep her Bitcoins nice and safe and she'll never have to worry about learning all this fancy computer stuff.

Stay tuned for more information. I welcome any questions.!HugoGrocio Coin 06-24-2014 small.jpg

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Nice, upvoted and followed, looking forward to updates!


Thanks a lot. I look forward to helping all of us get over these adoption barriers.

Well described