Trust- hard to get back

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It was raining very heavily and consequently the rivers were running with water oozing out of it. A scorpion was wandering on one side of the river hoping to get across the river. But the violent flow was a hindrance to his plans. Nearby, a frog was croaking as if welcoming the rains. Scorpion requested the frog to get him across the river. Frog, but, aware of the cruel nature of scorpion refused to accept his request.
Frog revealed his fear of getting bitten amidst the river. Scorpion tried to convince him by arguing that if he bites him, how will he survive in such a violent flow of river. Frog was somewhat convinced and took the risk of helping the scorpion.
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Midway across the river, while both were enjoying their adventurous journey. Scorpion couldn’t resist the temptation to bite the frog even though he was well aware of the consequences. On getting the pain of spanks in his neck, frog asked why did he bite? Frog’s trust was betrayed. Scorpion’s nature took over his intelligence and both were doomed to death.
Many a times, unexpected things happen in our life. We are cheated by almost all the organization in which we lay our trust. In the past the word “vishwas (Trust)” acted like a strengthening thread for the society. But with the time the word Vishwas has been lost somewhere in the glitter of today’s world. Patients for doctors are like the source of incomes. The moral values have been lost and the society as a whole has deteriorated.
Passengers are losing their faith in public transportation even after being offered attracting offers. Politicians, who are elected for the betterment of our economy and nation hardly care about that. Our belief on love, friendship, government, economy, religious place and security agencies is getting weak day by day. We shouldn’t be shocked if anybody betrays our trust to satisfy their need and greed. We already lost so much but some is still alive somewhere within us and that is enough to make a change. Our present society is made up of both characters (frog as well as scorpion). There are some, who are always ready to bite on helping hand and others who have faith on others and ready to help them in any situation. There are few of us who don’t need warm relationships to lead a fulfilling life. Someone rightly said that “always be nice to people on the up because you will meet the same people on the way down”.

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Rain loves me very well, especially if we get heavy rain


Enjoy the rainy season bro


I have not been having rain for many days here. So do not be fun bro


Oops! bad luck...Anyways soon it will rain