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RE: Russiagate Isn't About Trump, And It Isn't Even Ultimately About Russia

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This is an incredibly informative post, from someone that clearly understands the nested nature of propaganda, lies, and social control mechanisms that are used to drive us all into the perceptual corrals that keep us delivering our substance and value to our masters.

If there is any shortcoming in this analysis, it is the failure to recognize that there is no monolithic elite that work together like a well-oiled machine to disenfranchise us to share the wealth in some sort of communist paradise.

While they have common interests, essentially exerting control over the masses and profiting therefrom, it is conducted in a setting of rabid internecine conflict, marked by savage murder, and ruthless theft from one another.

Consider the recent killing of the Getty heir by anal trauma. This is not a group of comrades, but gangs of competing thugs. When they can seize assets from another player, without jeapordizing either themselves, or the game as a whole, such seizures are conducted with the most venal violence and acquisitiveness.

We are told by their lapdog liars, the media, that Seth Rich died in a botched robbery, and that Getty died from an ulcer. Rich was assassinated for leaking the DNC emails, and Getty was anally raped to death.

China isn't the enemy of the deep state. It is the goal.

There are nationalistic power bases that cannot profit from the China Social Credit System being globally promulgated, and these parties oppose that particular means of centralizing power, but they do not oppose centralizing power, and aren't a majority, or even a significant percentage of the might in play.

Any given policy or endeavor will be opposed by those whose power base is threatened thereby, as Shell will oppose Chevron. Both will completely support the dominance of petroleum based power production, and work together in lockstep for that purpose, but will adamantly oppose each other for control of that petroleum.

This same paradigm is reflected globally, in every level and regional contest for power.

Dogs will work together to bring down a deer, and then fight tooth and nail over the carcass.

That's the best description of politics I can offer.



Your words are delicious. I concur.

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