When will the Trump/Mueller Investigation End?

in #trump3 years ago

Over the weekend I saw an interesting interview with left wing liberal Bill Maher and conservative commentator Ben Shapiro. Now Shapiro is far from a Trump voter, in fact, he didn’t vote for Trump. But when the two took park in an interview on Maher’s show on HBO, Maher called Trump a complete moron and incompetent of being president. So when the Russia topic came up, and Shapiro said that there is ZERO proof of Trump/Russia collusion, Maher lost it, and said of course Trump collided but couldn’t point to a single fact. And when Shapiro asked Maher, is President Trump the biggest evil genius in the world that collided with a foreign country to fix an election, or is he too incompetent and a moron? He can’t possibly be both....

Who anywhere is allowed to take a job and produce zero results in a year?

That is what Mueller has done - no one has gone to jail for anything related to Russia/election collusion.

Manafort is his strongest 'accomplishment' but he was indicted for mostly activity before the campaign.