RE: 'My mom told me Trump touches ladies inappropriately' – Kids protest Trump in DC

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'My mom told me Trump touches ladies inappropriately' – Kids protest Trump in DC

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Watching this gave me a flash-back to first grade, when the teachers and librarians made us sit through a bunch of indoctrination on Earth Day, and at the end of the day made us make signs, get our coats on, and go march around the school to "protest pollution" and "acid rain" (I don't think we were using the term "global warming" way back in the early 80's.)

Even as as kid, I remember thinking how bizarre and abstract it all felt... i.e., that it was a bunch of BS.

Kids being used for political and ideological agendas is twisted and perverse. These parents should be ashamed... granted, most of them have the same propensity for critical thought as the average toddler.

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It is sad and pathetic imo.
I don't think they should have their kids taken away but I also don't think those people should have had kids. lol
It looked like all single parents, don't remember seeing one couple in the video.
I guess I was lucky that I actually had some awesome teachers growing up in public school. I cant even picture having teachers make us march for political reasons. Im thankful you were able to grow up and see it for what it was.

I should mention I grew up in Toronto. I think it's well-known what hyper-liberal zombie-sheep people tend to be there, as with most of Canada.

I think most places are the same in the usa and Canada with the sjw bullshit going on.