We’re a debtor nation. Something is going to happen over the next number of years with this country.

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Who did you vote with, Clinton or Trump?


It's a counterfactual question, of course only US citizens have the right to vote there, otherwise Clinton will have won with 80-90%.
As a non US citizen I would have voted for Hillary without thinking twice. But if I were American, I would have voted for Trump!
I'm not surprised by the result, despite the "polls".
Trump is good for America, even for Americans who still refuse to accept it. For a fairly simple reason - at least it will try to prevent the collapse of a indebted nation to a level that it can not endlessly sustain. Faced with this, almost every other difference of political approach fades.

Instead, Trump is bad for most other countries, including Romania. Because it goes on the principle of null sum: "To win something, you must lose something." It is not important whether this principle is true or not, it just matters that it sees the Trumps.
Conversely, I think Hillary would have been catastrophic for America . Instead, Hillary would have been good for almost anybody else, including Romania.
Donald Trump's first and greatest merit - even if it only reaches a terribly important point - is that he has broken the Dynastic tradition that is beginning to take the pomegranate into American politics. If all things were after the political tradition, in the last year for the US presidency it would most likely have fought Bush III with Clinton II.
A shameful situation after any standards - a banana country! And the fact that this was so easily accepted, as a matter of course, is just a matter of greater concern.

Trump's entry into the game has all over his head. In the Republican primary elections he tugged Jeb Bush from the first minute until he was irrelevant. It was easy for him to snag all the "competitors".
In the other row of primary elections, the set-up was different. No one had to oppose candidally "right", and when Bernie Sanders came in - from a marginal and unexpected area - the party had to get her sticks up to the embarrassing point in which Mrs. Clinton To receive the questions from the debates in advance.

So the main culprits for Trump's victory are the Bush and Clinton clans. If they did not have the ambition to run, he was the exotic billionaire with TV shows. And it's not just about direct confrontation - that's just the visible tip of the iceberg.
We just can not imagine that the best candidates for the presidency of a country with 300 million souls have been in the same two families! To get there, you need to use the gardening method: tune the grass around the bosket as soon as possible to make it look like oak. It means people placed in positions at all levels on the basis of loyalty to the cause of the family instead of integrity and proficiency, means neglected privileges negotiated for all kinds of local and foreign interest groups, is to fuel conflicts that serve you and ignore problems Whose solving confuses you. In short, corruption. This is the general, desolate scenery that emerges from Clinton Leaks e-mails, even if each of the messages is not terribly serious. That would have probably been seen in Bush-Cheney's e-mails if he did not "disappear."

In all this situation, America has lost and many to win. More or less, one way or another, but winning. And Mexico, and the EU, and Japan, and China, and Russia. "Russian interference" in the election is such a fool that it has become comic, at the point where the new accusations only do away with the old ones. While the Obama administration was wonderful for Putin - he could take Crimea for example - why risk in a completely unpredictable style?

Brother, brother, but cheese is for money.

Trump is transactional - any politician is, that's their job, but he comes from the real estate business where things go much faster, so he had the opportunity to gain experience for hundreds of years of politics. And now he applies exactly what he has explicitly said he will: he asks for money. It is good that the directions so far can not go indefinitely and that they have to make major changes so as to reverse the flow of capital. No matter if his plan is good or not, we'll see it later; And assumed it and will go with it to the end, we have to get used to the idea. It does not matter whether America really "deserves" or not that money, its job is to bring them - anywhere, anyway, as many as possible.

It accepts that some have to give them something, maybe even more than before (and here is an opportunity we can find below), it is important that the net balance sheet maximize their earnings.

No wonder one of the first targets was Germany.

The Germans have so far been the winners of every international arrangement, whether they were part of it or not. German citizens are ranked first in the world by the number of countries they can travel without visas - even that's the only thing they should say. All respect for their politicians who have succeeded in successfully pursuing national interest - but, finally, business-is-business.

Germany won the net when the euro, a currency first cut after its economic interests, was also adopted by its export markets.

Germany gained from the Eurasian synergy, buying cheap Russian resources and gained from NAFTA, when it started to assemble cars in Mexico and sell them to the US free of charge. To sell Ford or GM (Opel) in Europe, you have to produce in Western European factories with high salaries to sell European VAT and buy components from German companies that make them cheap at factories that pay the minimum wage in Romania . The Ford factory in Craiova is an exception that for the time being confirms the situation through the small volume - economically it would make sense to assemble in Romania as much as possible and this may become one of the huge stakes in the negotiations that will follow.

Germany has won the Paris (climate change) agreement because it does not spare any effort to have a clean industry and cleaner products. If it is not possible, it even measures the measurements.

He has gained from NATO's collective security, leaving his army shameless, but has managed to continue to be a major weapon maker (which in fact matters most when needed), including selling to the Greeks - those who have become Europe's "stinkers", indiscipines and debtors just because they have spent 5% of GDP defending for decades.

And the Greeks did this just because the European Union, otherwise with an ambition of multinational power, is even now illegally occupied on a piece of its territory. It's about Northern Cyprus, the main stake in the arms race between Greece and Turkey. The EU had no wisdom / determination / pride to tell Turkey, for example: go out there otherwise you do not have what we are looking for in our markets. It would have resolved immediately, the "peace dividend" would have prevented Greece's bankruptcy and all systemic problems caused by it, but no more submarines and tanks would have been sold. And, forcing the counterfactual history a little, maybe Brexite could not happen anymore.
It's the economy, stupid!

The recent episode of the Trump-Merkel encounter had a slight hint of karma is a bitch. Just as Germany told her to Greece, "pay, lepreche, that you take the mother of the devil," just as America told Germany now.

It's not just defense spending, that's just a pretext. It is a transfer of welfare from the German citizens to the Americans, no matter what effective form it would be. And there will be other "victims" behind Germany - Japan, for example, another major winner of globalization. One of the strengths of the campaign, Trump first spoke in 1988:

“We’re a debtor nation. Something is going to happen over the next number of years with this country because you can’t keep on losing $200 billion. And yet we let Japan come in and dump everything into our markets. It’s not free trade. If you ever go to Japan right now and try to sell something, forget about it. Just forget about it. It’s almost impossible. They don’t have laws against it, they just make it impossible. They come over here, they sell their cars, their VCRs, they knock the hell out of our companies. And, hey, I have tremendous respect for the Japanese people. I mean, you can respect somebody that’s beating the hell out of you, but they are beating the hell out of this country.”


20 trillion in debt the US is screwed ... raising interests rates they screw themselves pretty ironic lol

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