Idiocracy! Start the Pollution Rush, but the stakes are not global warming

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Idiocracy is a pretty poor film from the 90's, the kind of absurd comedy, for haggling, with an absolutely stupid script (literally). The US Army is making an experiment in choosing two people with medium intelligence, medium courage, generally average features, the most common, banal, and uninteresting people. They accidentally arrive in a post-apocalyptic future, where the world fools in such a haven that what was once an environment had become, in relation to the rest of the world, absolutely brilliant. Today, this scenario seems to me brilliant, which, according to the logic of the film, is questioning my own evolution. I think Idiocracy has already begun.!


The reporting of the ordinary citizen to public affairs has quickly passed from the lack of information to that of selecting and acquiring some unrealistic data and is rapidly going to something that might be called an aggressive error. People not only believe in silly matters, but they actively reject and decide any kind of opinion that might break their beliefs.
Essentially, this must have been the beginning of the stupidity of humankind and in the film Idiocracy. Donald Trump is not a cause but an effect. (In the film, the American president is an interlop rapper who greets his citizens with Fuck You! And excites the crowd with gunshot blasts, of course the internet has already noticed the similarity between Trump and the movie character before me.)
Donald Trump invokes jobs, resource transfer, in fact, even the limited vision of those who chose him to withdraw the US from the Paris Agreement. It's the same philosophy that has created so much tension inside NATO that it's logical to ask if NATO no longer exists. What is NATO without Article 5? As Trump and Merkel / Macron give such responses, do you expect Trump to help a NATO member in case of something serious? Now? But in a few months or years? The situation is very fluid. It flows, evolves, and the direction is not good at all.
After Donald Trump's statement on withdrawal from the deal, several US municipalities have announced that they will remain within the limits of pollution restrictions, as will European countries, perhaps China, too. India? The position of Russia was a little bit bumpy (I told you that these guys are understood) - The agreement is important, but "its efficiency will be reduced without other key players." Aha! I mean, without America, what will Russia do? Well, who depends on hell for oil exports? Russia, of course, who is also the main beneficiary of a possible withdrawal, in the domino, of the Paris Agreement after the withdrawal of the US. You did not think about it, did you?


I do not know about climate change, sea level and salvation of humpback whales, etc. I just notice that ... The European Union and the US inevitably evolve into a trade war. Reducing pollution is expensive. Here Trump is right. Withdrawal from the Agreement creates competitive advantages (lower costs, and therefore lower prices), which means that the other actors will have two solutions - either the US trade isolation through the imposition of export taxes or the exit of the other actors in the agreement.
That's the real problem! Which Donald Trump does not seem to understand, just as neither those who have chosen him do not. It would mean to see beyond your immediate interest in pursuing the effects for a very long term, and the inability of the president of the world's greatest power to do so is catastrophic for the rest of the world.
Not because we're destroying the Planet (I do not know if I'm living enough to get to Wall Street E, where Earthmen abandon the Earth from which other life-forms have disappeared because of pollution), but because the economic wars were Always, but always, the real cause of true wars. Those with armies, bullets, missiles, and dead. This leads to isolationism as a doctrine, political strategy, to Donald Trump, like Brexite, and you will laugh, as is the rudimentary conservatism that haunts Eastern Europe. What I'm saying now is historically proven. I'm not insisting, because I can not even discuss this. It's stupid.
We see polarization and debate as useless, so ridiculous. The referendum on the constitutional definition of the family is one of them, but not the only one. We see, indeed, how a subtle antioccidentalism is sneaking into society that does not necessarily follow Romania's alignment to the East, rather its isolation and dropping into irrelevancy. (...) It's not clear why we got here. Maybe because we moved too fast in the last twenty years. Perhaps because, as the Conservatives say, the liberal elites of the world tend to treat legitimate fears from above.
As for the rest of the world ... yes, we are on a wave of madness, which also cyclically returns, causing cataclysms every time. It was the same before World War I and before the Second, and even before the Franco-Prussian ... The peoples demanded war. Leaders just used these demented energies. The sliding of the world into extremism has begun. The limitation of liberties has begun. What do you think are the hate filters Facebook has introduced? It's a matter of time until the Internet, communication in general, will be limited. Paradoxically, right? Exactly opening and communicating have led mankind so fast ahead in the last half century, ultimately propelling aberrations such as Donald Trump, which will limit just fundamental values ​​such as communication, liberalism, peace and, ultimately, life. There is no longer a war between the masses and the elites, as Teo suggests (citing a diplomat, a socialist, just like Hillary Clinton in the discourse of accepting defeat). That war is over. Nurtured with fear, conspiracy and masonry, agitated with the illusion of superficial information, easy to manipulate, now the idiots of the planet take revenge.


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