Trumps Biggest mistakes .

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The Trump card is gone .

Here are trumps biggest mistakes so far ,

  1. Getting Jared Kushner in the WH , Jared is loyal to himself and the Jewish state . He is not pro American , in fact he couldn’t give a flying fuck about his loyalties to America . The guy is corrupt and hungry for fame , power and fortune . Could easily be a Mossad operative .

  2. Firing Steve Bannon , Steve was the masterbehind Trumps victory in the swing states . Kushner had other plans for Steve . Kushner was extremely jealous of Steve’s insights and experience v Kushners’s inexperience and complete lack of political know how . Kushner used his wife to get rid of Steve .

  1. Losing Rex Tillerson . It’s a well known fact that Tillerson was a huge advocate of diplomacy , he wanted to talk with Iran and Korea . Benjamin Satanyahu and the pro Zionists in United States like addelson and countless others who saved trump from bankruptcy , wanted their pound of flesh , and they wanted war with Iraq . Tillerson wanted a diplomatic approach . Satanyahu needed a distraction as he may well be out of a job soon . Tillerson was fired this week .

  2. Taking a hard line against China , Iran and Korea , it just won’t work . Trump is under the control
    of his Zionist masters who bailed him out of bankruptcy , and War with any of these 3 countries benefits the arms dealers & bankers and various other business factions within Trumps backers .

5 . Hope Hicks . She is perhaps the sexiest White House staffer ever , and she was the only one who could calm the president down when lost his nuts . Hope is gone .

These are my picks for Trumps Biggest mistakes .if you know of others please make a comment .

Picture source :SI , daily mail uk .

Hope hicks , the sexy White House staffer who was very close to Trump . She was an ex model .





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