Im not sure what the rationale in insulting a POTUS is.

in #trump4 years ago

What is to be gained? Trump appears to be on the verge of some historic peace deals, with Korea and Russia. How will [the blimp] look if he actually pulls them off?

I was anyone but Clinton, which was of course Trump after Sanders was robbed. Would not call myself a supporter, but I am very excited indeed about the prospect of peace in Korea and a US withdrawal from Syria. I would like to know what it would take for people to admit Clinton would have been worse; surely the above would qualify?

The fact that they met at all is a good thing. As is the fact he has agreed to a summit with Putin. Not good enough: what i want to see is follow through. Would you change your mind if peace was brought to Korea? What about if the wars in Syria and Ukraine were cut short? It may not happen, but im convinced we would never have come this far with clinton.

It seems Obama got away with mass muder because he was able to come across as a decent guy. Will the reverse be true should Trump achieve significant acts of peace making? Hopefully we will find out.

Carrying on yes, but Trump has started no new wars to date. NB Im not celebrating anything as of yet. I liked the Iran deal, but I don’t think it equates to peace in Korea. I also do credit Obama with not overtly invading Syria after the (false) chemical attacks. We shouldn't 'trust' Trump or his 'reassurances'. That goes for all politicians, period. Invading Venezuela would be sheer madness, but it has to be said, Trump hasn’t invaded anyone, or overthrown anyone. That is more than you can say for Obama at this stage of his presidency.

She was the candidate of war. As for the Iran deal, the fact its scrapping by the US has driven a wedge between the US and Europe could well have positive consequences.

Why shouldnt he escalate against ISIS? Id like as much wedge as possible [between Europe and US], and im glad Trump is providing so many of them. As for invading Iran, it would be a catastrophe for the US: if they cant even make a success out of invading Iraq how are they going to take on Iran? It is so much larger and well developed. If he does it, then im wrong, but one of my main fears about Clinton was she'd do just that.

I think the elimination of ISIS, as a territorial based entity, is a good thing. Furthermore, i dont see an alternative.

So you would like Middle Eastern countries to take a lead in fighting ISIS? Countries like Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Iran? That is exactly how ISIS have been defeated, along with Russian support. NB: Russia was invited by Syria to help combat ISIS, unlike the US or the UK and France.

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