MI GOP Chairwoman Calls for Hand-Count of Ballots in 47 Counties, After Machine-Hack Discovered

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UPDATE - Michigan GOP chairwoman Laura Cox called for the other 47 MI counties which use the same kind of vote-counting machine as Antrim County to hand-count their paper ballots, after a "glitch" erroneously delivered a large margin to Biden in the deep red Antrim County. After the unlikely result was reported and a hand count of the paper ballots was performed, Antrim flipped to Trump by a large margin.

Official claimed that the miscount was the result of an error in hand-entering results from a precinct results tape, but if so, the error bears no resemblance to a simple transposition of the correct result. Antrim County erroneously gave Biden victory last Tuesday by 62% Biden to 38% Trump. The true result after hand counting was Trump 56% to Biden 42%. A simple transposition error would have read Trump 42% to Biden 56%.

Thus it is more likely that the county was caught in a machine vote-counting hack. Forty seven other counties in Michigan use the same kind of machine, the Imagecast Precinct.

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