Trump Defined

in trump •  4 months ago

I felt inspired to create this meme today as I pondered how to define the political distraction that I suspect Donald Trump to be.

I was partly inspired by these articles and snippets: (this one contains some very astute observations).

I have no idea how accurate the ideas are in these but I'm cynical about people who seek to be in power and when someone is so obviously crass, provocative and media distracting it always makes me suspect more is going on behind the scenes whilst we're distracted with the 'big news'.

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Thanks! Sorry - only just seen this. Despite my best intentions I rarely get on here these days. Will check it out. Gotta get that Folland Organics page up and running and a music one for Bob too and I've started taking photos again! May have a bit more time soon - but so many ideas so little time :)