Trump in Ireland and the Patriot-Globalist war in context

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A friend wrote to me asking me to explain the apparent "babbling idiot" appearance of Trump when on TV with the Irish premier, who interrupted him for a long rant. Here is a private email I wrote back, which is politically incorrect in places, but at least offers my most honest assessment of the situation. I may get some of the details wrong, and there are additional important factors as you go "down the rabbit hole", but this is broadly correct as far as I can tell.


You've missed the epic context here.

The story that is unfolding is something like the following:

  • The USA is a rebellion against corrupt (European) bankster, monarchical and theocratic power. There is a City of London-Vatican axis that traces itself back for centuries (cf Treaty of 1213). They control key aspects of money creation (usury) and maintaining privileged hierarchy in spiritual belief systems. Catholicism is about the prevention of true Christianity spreading — since Jesus argues for cutting out the priest and moneylending classes (and their profits) — by adopting it into the Roman/Saturnalian system to contain it. This Roman power system traces its way back into Phoenicia, Canaan and Babylon — and their cultures whose ethics we would now regard as barbaric. Yes, these are still relevant to today's news events!
  • After the C18th USA revolt, those powers worked to infiltrate and hijack the American republic, done in stages (i.e. forming the Deep State). Critical to this was the 1870s bankruptcy of the American republic and its corporatisation; subversion/elimination of republic safeguards (e.g. 13th and 17th amendments); establishment of the Fed as local bankster HQ; entanglement with European wars via false flags and political deception; importation of Nazi hierarchy via Operation Paperclip post WW2; CIA as covert outpost of European aristocratic/monarch power; infiltration and control over media via Operation Mockingbird; elimination of rivals to these governing mafia families (e.g. JFK, who was from a different set of gangsters... and maybe allied to a different Vatican faction; not my area of knowledge).
  • All of the major wars in our lifetime have been a product of this Globalist mafia system: GW1, GW2/Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Serbia, etc. It's war for profit — pure psychopathy in action, but at the level of longstanding psychopathic cultures rather than "bad apple" individuals. They were also responsible for putting Mao into power and the resulting deaths, and these's an ongoing power struggle in China between the Globalists (totalitarians) and the rest. China has been de facto at war with the West for some time, but through covert and economic means.
  • Being sent on pointless and dishonourable missions to support war-for-profit is not popular among the Patriot part of the military community. 9/11 was the moment of overreach by the psychopaths; they needed an outrage to facilitate their future war plans, and they screwed up on the execution (notably WTC7, where all the records for prosecuting Enron were kept and the Bush crime family's dirty secrets). More of the public began to see through the grand criminal deception they were living under.
  • These Patriots are running a one-off coup against the Globalists to topple this power structure, whose roots trace back for centuries (and more). It could be seen as a civil war among the Freemasons, and a conventional war between them and other secret societies (West and East), which are the true locus of power together with "bloodline" banking families. Our overt political institutions are not as strong as commonly supposed — they are the "power applications" in an operating system and firmware that others have designed. There is a strong undercurrent of Occultism, which sounds like woo, but basically here means hoarding of information and understanding for gain by one party over another, which turns out to be most applicable at these lower layers of social engineering.
  • Trump is the Patriots' front man, working as CEO of the Corporate legal state (merchant/maritime law — which makes your rights contingent on legislation). This was established in the C19th to replace the real original Federal one (under Common Law — with true individual sovereignty and inalienable rights). There appears to be a power structure behind the current Presidency which is NOT public, by necessity — as an antidote to the Deep State one.
  • The present process is all about optics, and maintaining the sense of sufficient normalcy as everything is changed under the surface of the state. Specifically, the roots of this corrupt power are being addressed: unaccountable private control over the public money supply used for nefarious ends; the militarisation of the spiritual (Jesuits are the military wing of the Vatican; EU is partly their project, and is taking over national defence by stealth); and the corruption of the justice system with controlled and compromised judges — as well as the rest of the embedded system of blackmail and violence.
  • Only the military can accomplish this, as the civilian institutions are too compromised.
  • Trump's family history ties back into the opposition to the Globalist (aristocracy/theocracy/bankocracy) mafia (AFAICT). This is a multi-generational war and he has likely been groomed for this position from an early age. The same is true of the other side: basically all Presidential elections from LBJ to Trump — with a partial exception for Reagan — were rigged and the winner chosen in advance from a pool of groomed candidates by the mafia in control. (Reagan survived assassination, making Bush 1 wait for his turn.) The Globalists have used blackmail and extortion to keep an iron grip over the honest people around in politics, media, etc — working in collaboration with sociopaths in power elsewhere (inc factions in the UK/Israel).
  • Election fraud is rampant in the US, and illegal immigrants are a pillar of that project. HRC was rigging the election, and the Patriots either unrigged it and/or counter-rigged it. Trump is ONLY in power because he has the backing of the military as the best alternative to armed uprising and/or civil war. The military back him because it is their project to restore the freedoms of the American Republic, remove Globalist tyranny imposed by deception, and end war for profit.

So, when it comes to the UK/Ireland visit [NB: Ireland = Catholic stronghold]:

  • The Globalist-aligned British government is up to its neck in Spygate, which is Obama and friends spying on everyone, including ALL the Presidential candidates, to ensure Hillary was elected. She was the only one who could be trusted by them to keep their crimes secret. Ditto Italy (previous government), Australia, NZ (a Globalist bolthole). Declassification of the DoJ's Inspector General report — which is imminent – blows the doors off this FISA abuse scandal that implicates the whole Five Eyes spy network and their political classes.
  • This then opens the floodgates to a tsunami of revelations about past crime and corruption at the highest levels that have been covered up by the ruling classes for their own benefit. This starts with Obama as a pure fraud on the American public — and is exposed as the most corrupt president in the history of the Republic. The media have worked to cover for Obama, and they face a cataclysmic collapse in public trust — hence all the Trump bashing to try to avoid prison for racketeering, sedition and treason. We'll get the truth on the JFK assassination by the CIA/mob. Things are going to get rough in the next year or so.
  • As a result of Spygate, Trump has the power to end the British monarchy and the legitimacy of the incumbent parties and British Establishment. Acts of war against supposed allies are terminal to legitimacy. This visit to London was part of their surrender process to the Alliance (which is a multinational rebellion against the Globalists — e.g. Gilets Jaunes in France, new government in Italy). We're likely to see massive political shifts as a result. The rise of the Brexit party is an example in UK — and may well end up being the replacement government.
  • Ireland was genocidally occupied, but less by the British as a whole, and more by this slice of corrupt bloodline elite for whom all that matters is power and control. The Celtic fringe stayed beyond Roman control, and has a whole other deep historical and tribal significance. I'm not familiar with the present political setup in Ireland, but am assuming there's a Globalist puppet in power (cf Merkel, May, Macron). This grandstanding is all about their loss of power and the terror of exposure, public fury, and justice.
  • The UK cannot revert to Alliance/Patriot control without Ireland being addressed. Hence his visit there to either issue an ultimatum, cut a deal, or agree the peace. I've not looked at the details as they aren't important to the big picture. And without having the big picture, it's easy to misread the details. Indeed, trying to infer the big picture from tiny fragments of cherry picked videos issued by his enemies doesn't strike me as critical thinking, since it doesn't explore alternatives. (Remember — I've changed my mind from "loud-mouthed racist TV game show participant and bully" by looking for contradictory data, not confirmation.)

Trump prospered in the cutthroat and corrupt world of NY property development. He beat the incumbents to become President, against the opposition of the media class. He's successfully fought off a coup by the previous administration to bring him down, and simultaneously created an economic boom whilst making unexpected peace instead of fresh war. The military and law enforcement are visibly behind him — and presumably they are not stupid, and have "skin in the game" of not facing civil unrest or war. He has repeatedly wrong-footed his opponents by trolling them or playing dumb.

Maybe he's not a bumbling idiot after all? And perhaps the best media sources are ones who are not implicated in the Globalist crime system?

Shouldn't the collapse of the "Russian collusion" narrative and Mueller report nothingburger have you paused to reflect on whether you're getting good intel and making sufficiently well-informed choices from it? Are you sure it's appropriate to focus so much on the frontman individual — at the expense of attention to the institutional context around him and its history? Have you got enough of the big picture — including the Art of War and deception — to make sense of the isolated pieces of the puzzle?

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