A Response To All The Trump Blaming

in trump •  4 months ago


The market "correcting" has nothing to do with one administration's supposed "different" behavior than another's. All administrations (and congresses) since the "Nixon Shock" have ignored the responsibility required to reduce spending after removing any lasting semblance of gold standard from the fiat. The "Federal" Reserve has continued to buy enormous quantities of government debt (and thus print money out of thin air to buy it with) this entire time and the heating and cooling effect of changing interest rates as a "controlled burn" to prevent a forest fire does more to CAUSE these market fishtails than curb them ...and like a car going out of control on the road, the swerving gets worse and worse as the driver seeks to overcompensate rather than simply do the sensible thing and ...apply brakes.

The Keynesian market commentators like Robert Reich and the other status quo chuckle-heads will be nowhere to be found when the "reality" finally dawns on people who see their life savings (and government gambled "entitlements" and pensions) incinerated by the Federal Reserve scam.

Tariffs and trade wars with China and other countries aren't on balance a great idea, however, they are a drop in the bucket concerning the REAL "spending" disease this country suffers from. Blaming the administrations based on which team they bat for always just plays into the hands of the "creditors" of the Fed (who OWN both teams) who will walk away with all the milk, only after the livestock which generate it have given every last drop and then been slaughtered for the meat.

Pro Tip: when you see the DOW and Nasdaq indices do these wobbly spikes and drops we're seeing, you're already in the next market cycle and the indices are just now catching up (in this case, a major Bear Recession).

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