Trump disinfectant comments.... 🤔💡

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I heard the chatter. I heard them crying.

And I don't know.. if I was on the stage talking about a complicated medical thing for several hours each week, I'd probably say something dumb at some point.

So I wondered if this was maybe a rare case of him actually saying something that warranted the reaction..

But no. I just don't get it.

Maybe that's not actually how the lungs work. Maybe there's no way to "disinfect" on the inside like that. Okay? But it's a reasonable thing to wonder, from the perspective of a layperson, asking it to doctors.

"omg he had a stream of consciousness on live TV!!!!" 😡😟😱🤢

So he's not dry asf and on a script? He's genuine with the thoughts that come to him?

It's actually a kind of funny form of projection. Think about the rabid anti-Trump people (which isn't to be confused with people who generally don't support him or who have specific, coherent disagreements)..

These are indoctrinated people who are head over heels for various story lines and ideas that they've been told to believe by their media and teachers and friends and parents. They aren't thinkers. They're people who are highly compelled by authority and social influence.

Obviously a lot of it is just not liking Trump, and reaching for whatever way to attack him..

But also I think it's an effect where they're extra sensitive because they project that people mindlessly believe weird things. Whereas when a sane person hears Trump's little stream of thought, it never crosses their mind "omg people are gunna start swallowing household cleaners now!!!"

Isn't he talking about some medical "disinfectant" for the lungs, like wondering if there's a way to have such a thing?

I guess they're kind of projecting their dumbness too.

(And if you think your kids will swallow bleach because they heard some rambling question about disinfectant from the President, you should be keeping chemicals out of their reach anyways. And probably take that as a clue to try to foster better judgment.)

The only thing that stands out to me about Trump's comment..

Is like, the chance of him brainstorming a viable use of medical resources on the spot like that has to be pretty close to 0.

But to me it seems like a positive sign that he's dialed in and actively wondering things like that.

The anti-Trump / leftist / control-freak / kowtow to authority / worry about everything your friends and neighbors think etc etc culture..

One thing about them is they fear being wrong. They fear ever saying anything that might make them appear "dumb", or I guess lower on the social hierarchy or what could get them booted from the tribe if we want to look for the evolutionary reasons or whatever.

It's a vicious cycle, where when you have your pitch forks out ready to go after anyone who says the wrong thing.. you yourself must have to live in a weird state of being afraid to ever say the wrong thing.

But solving problems and making progress actually happens creatively, without that inhibition. To never be wrong would be to never get anywhere. Solutions are often a process of being wrong a bunch of times before you finally get something good.

Trump is used to actually targeting problems. Where you can pitch ideas and get feedback and move on.

Where there isn't this hellish element of "omg, he said THAAAAT" attached to the discovery process.

Unwittingly, they're used to "leaders" who really are more like statues, foremost interested in how people will perceive them (rather than in the problem at hand). As though saying the least amount of questionable things is how you get the best score.

But really they're just being tricked by those people.

People who are actually smart will sometimes wonder and ask things that turn out to be wrong or even silly. People who actually want to help don't operate in fear of being wrong or asking a dumb question.

So they see someone in the President chair who has more of a functional, process-oriented behavior pattern, and their head asplodes.

..I wonder what becomes of the SJW/hater types when Trump is done 🤔

I almost feel like they'll miss him, lol. Like they have all this hysteria and he gives them an outlet. Will it go back to Republicans who try to avoid being triggering and let everyone sleep? Can it go back to that? I feel like the genie is sort of out of the bottle now, where it's clear that this divide exists and has to play out.

But also there aren't more and more Trumps. So it would have to change where it's possible to rise thru the political system without being delicate to all the triggers.

I guess likely both sides will water down. The SJWs will grow less insane, and whoever represents the MAGAs won't be as poignant as Trump.

And the world changes so much where 20 years from now, who even knows what it all looks like and what it's based on.

The 1990s is probably way more similar to the 1950s than to right now. (Which is weird to think about for anyone who grew up in the 90s, and thinks of the 50s as some old-fashioned different universe sort of thing.) And probably in 10 or 20 years, right now will be closer to 1950 than to the current year.

Trump claims it was sarcastic.

It doesn't seem sarcastic to me, lol.

I think he's just being expedient there, like the "there's no such thing as a bad question" route is too 1st or 2nd grade for them. So he says it was sarcasm to try to close the story.

In a way calling it sarcasm is almost kind of fair. Being sarcastic means you don't actually believe the thing you're saying, right? He was floating a thought or question that he knew might not lead to anything. (And you can see him sort of smirking, almost like he saw humor in the possibility.) So if they think asking the question means he puts a super high likelihood on it or thinks people should drink bleach, then "sarcasm" is maybe a way to approximate it on a level they can understand.

It'd be more fun to see him stick to his guns and not worry about the kindergarten cops, but hey it's an election year 😄