Do you like this idea : to delegate billions dollars to build a wall ?

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Source article > Trump is a superhero - Yep I renamed it, this man is so gorgeous !


This book

There is 4 humans levels on this planet, incomes levels point of vue :

  • Lv.1 get 2$ per day
  • Lv.2 get 8$ per day
  • Lv.3 get 32$ per day
  • Lv.4 get more than 32$ per day


This kind of information is more relevant than the 2 sides coin's vision : poor & rich peoples. It will be useful to talk about billons dollars Trump wishe.

Trump is maybe a Level 5 superhero !

Maybe it explains why he wants to use billions dollars to build a big wall along the US frontiers : he is the awesome guy who want to protect level 5-6 peoples from the others ! Thx Trump ! Please, use all that money to protect them !

I hope he will understand soon that in US there is more Lv.1-4 people than Lv.5-6... and decide to use quickly others billons to build walls inside US's cities ! Let's get back to the Middle Ages ! We all love Game of Thrones, isn't it ?

1% humans on earth are Lv.6, Some Lv.5 as Trump are working for them, recreating Castles and trying to isolate and fully control "the others". What's a beautiful world to live !

Can we use billons dollars another way ?

Maybe, maybe not. The point is that just 1 billon can push all Lv.1-3 to Lv.4... Life in a Lv.4 world is... pretty comfortable, isn't it ? (I thing you, reading it, are Lv.4 as me)

Some billons to try to create a more balanced world OR to build a wall to protect US from the others... Let's our superhero Trump use his super power to decide what is the best 🚀 for use all - Love you man ! ❤️

this case study is a simple exemple of others "billons stories" used the same way : Lv.5-6 Humans playing in their playground named "Earth", with rocks, plants, animals and enslaved humans, which are 95% "others". Cool.

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