Trump Rally Billings Montana has commi escorted out!!! aka Flannel boi

in trump •  2 months ago

Something odd with this guy & his two cohorts on the right #Flannel guy keeps pointing to a sticker on his shirt escorted out shorty after.

Flannel boi no sticker

Flannel boi no sticker

Flannel boi pointing at sticker

Flannel boi sticker pointing

#Flannel boi's sticker

The kid removed from Trump rally in Montana is Tyler Linfesty from Billings, MT - Democratic Socialists of America . . . Commie. He put a Democratic Socialist sticker on his shirt. The girl is possibly Melody Khorrami. The other guy was possibly Jamy Harris. I found this information on Twitter by a guy's son that knows Tyler. As for the other two names - friends of Tyler's on Facebook!

#MontanaRally #TrumpMontana #MAGArally #QAnon #8chan #NEWS

ty @realDonaldTrump #MAGA

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