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A border wall is a bad idea, and it's wrong.

It is not even slightly similar to putting a fence around your property. Instead, you are wanting to put a fence around MY property, and around the property of every one of your neighbors. And right through the middle of some people's property. You are exposing yourself as an enemy of property rights, unlike the friend of property rights who would put a fence around his own property and realize he can't fence off his neighbor's land.

Your right to control property ends at the edges of your personal real estate. It doesn't include the whole of the land formerly known as America; now called The United States. You have no right to control other people's property, and you can't give government any right you don't possess as an individual. To pretend otherwise is to lie. It is socialism at best, and communism at worst.

Then, to expect someone else to pay for your wall is another very socialistic idea. You are violating individual property rights twice. Once with a wall, then again by stealing to pay for that wall.

And such a wall won't even do what its supporters want.

Any wall that can keep "them" out can also keep you in. Notice this is how prisons work- yes, the public is kept out just as much as the prisoners are kept in. Any visitor allowed to come inside is a prisoner while visiting- with all manner of rights violations imposed on them for the privilege of being inside with the other inmates. And, in this case-- YOU are the one on the inside of the wall, not the people in Mexico and the rest of the world.

It is protectionism and it feels good to desperate and ignorant ears.

Just like other forms of protectionism, it only sounds like a good idea if you don't think too much.

Paying for the wall with tariffs on products from Mexico still means YOU are paying for the wall- even if you have never bought anything from Mexican producers.

Adding tariffs to products from Mexico will hurt you. It will raise the price of things you buy. If the price of Mexican avocados goes up because some government theft is added to the price, then other avocado growers in other countries can- and will- raise their prices to meet reduced supply. Including growers inside the American gulag. It's simple supply and demand. People in America who depended on selling products from Mexico will suffer, and may not have as much money to spend on things, even before taking the increased prices into account. Their income will take a double hit-- and possibly even more. And to believe this won't hurt you personally is delusional.

The right way to solve any problem revolves around respecting rights more, not violating them.

Fear crime? Stop penalizing self defense and the proper tools to carry it out.
Don't like the crime that comes from the drug trade? Cripple it by getting government out of the prohibition business that empowers and enriches-- and motivates-- the bad guys.
Don't like having foreigners as neighbors? Don't sell or rent to them, and shun anyone who does. And accept the consequences of doing things that may make others see you as a jerk.
But don't try to use "the law" to impose your will on others. That just makes you the problem.

A government border wall along the southern border is anti-American. It is anti-humanity. It is anti-market. It is anti-property rights. It is anti-liberty bigotry at its worst. It is anti-YOU. Supporting it is shooting yourself in the foot because you believe it will help you.



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I am a "legal" immigrant from Canada. I am not sure how building a wall is going to stop illegal immigration. There are an estimated 100 000 Canadians citizens with expired visas in the U.S and about three million that live here legally or are now dual citizens. Why does he think that people won't continue to travel from other countries to Canada and then back into the U.S from another port of entry. This happens on a daily basis from the Detroit River. Border agents patrol the waters finding people from other countries that have managed to get to Canada and then swim, boat ,paddle across the river. One guy who happened to be from mexico was floating on a basket ball. This is only going to put more pressure on the other ports of entry.


Canadians "look like Americans", so they don't scare the statist cowards.