The Donald From Jekyll Island: Will Trump Take Over The Federal Reserve?

in #trump6 years ago

Let it all fall down

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Donald Trump has no real power against the Federal Reserve, if Trump can somehow get Congress behind him and align with Rand Paul then maybe we can at the very least get an audit of the federal reserve, but I highly doubt Donald Trump will do it.

Whether it would be Trump or anyone else, ending the FED would be a spectacularly good thing. IMO, the only kind of person who'd disagree with that would be those who depend on the FED for their own interests, which means they would be the enemy of the rest of humanity.

Trump is making war and nothing he is banning countries from trading

Trump is making war
And nothing he is banning
Countries from trading

                 - techxegama

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

The answer to all questions asked in headlines is almost always "No!".

They choose not to raise rates at their meeting recently. Probably there will be a modest rate increase announced at the next meeting if the economy stays as strong as it is now.

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