Donald Trump National Address: "We Aren't Nation-Building Again, We Are Killing Terrorists"

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Fear not, Donald Trump is just trying to rid the world of those pesky terrorists. But, wait a minute, if he’s using violence to annihilate the “terrorism” the US government created with the help of the CIA, Mossad, and Saudi Arabia, then who really are the terrorists?

That was a rhetorical question; we already know that all wars are a complete racket and that the major aim of all this violence is to continue to destabilize the middle eastern countries and continue to prop up the military industrial complex. Oh, and guard the poppy fields of course.

The US government, then, is complicit in funding and committing terrorism in order to money launder extorted funds (taxes) to corporations that have bribed US politicians in order to protect their heroin monopoly drug dealing business.

Am I the only one who feels like he is taking crazy pills that no one seems to notice this?

It is the same old story in Afghanistan where the US occupation has been raging for nearly 17 years. The longest “war” in US history… Except it isn’t a war. A war needs two armies. It’s just… well, I already told you what it is.

And now, US-terrorist-in-chief Donald Trump has just announced that rather than pulling troops from Afghanistan he will roll out a new “strategy” to try and “win” the country’s longest war - a war that many point out never was meant to be won. This, of course, is a complete contradiction of many of Trump’s earlier tweets where he praised Ron Paul’s viewpoint on the issue and was outspoken about how going into Iraq and Afghanistan were horrible ideas.

A politician lying to get elected? Shocking!



Apparently, Trump has changed his mind now that he is President Trump. In this national propaganda address he stated; “Ultimately, it is up to the people of Afghanistan to take ownership of their future, to govern their society, and to achieve an everlasting peace. We are a partner and a friend, but we will not dictate to the Afghan people how to live or how to govern their own complex society. We are not nation building again. We are killing terrorists.”

This is what Ron Paul had to say in a letter address to friends of the Ron Paul institute:

“Like me, many of you watched President Trump’s train wreck of a speech on Afghanistan earlier tonight. It’s nearly midnight and I am still reeling.

I guess it was too much to ask to hear him admit the obvious and draw the obvious conclusions: After 16 years - the longest war in US history - no one even remembers what we are fighting for in Afghanistan. The war is over. Not another American (or innocent Afghan) life for one of the most convoluted and idiotic wars in history!

Trump of 2012 and 2013 said just that. Candidate Trump said just that. Then tonight he told us that once you sit in the chair in the Oval Office, you see things differently. What does that mean? Once elected you betray your promises so as to please the deep state?”

Which political commentator warned that Trump would be no different from O’Bomber or Bush?


Yes, I warned about it and received torrents of hate for it.

Many Trumpites… Trumpidians? Trumptards? Ya, Trumptards sounds right… Many Trumptards still defend him, saying he is just at the mercy of the “deep state.”

Well, if he is, then so was O’Bomber… And so was Bush… And every other US president in history. So, how is Trump any better then?

The fact of the matter is that Trump was yet another puppet. A Jesuit trained, self-admitted globalist elite billionaire.

The only way things can be fixed in the US is a complete abolishment of the federal government. For this reason, this week, I interviewed Adam Kokesh who is running for non-President in 2020 with the sole goal to shut down the federal government.

Now that is something I can get behind.

In any case, the other politician I respect, Ron Paul, who I also interviewed this week, also stated that he believes a “50 percent pullback [in the US stock market] is conceivable.”

He noted that he doesn’t believe it’s ten years off nor even a year off.

Paul mentioned that there's a lot of chaos in Washington right now, with an "unpredictable president" and those who are inclined to "tear him apart." However, he also said that if the market does take that big of a nosedive, he doesn't see it as Trump's fault.

Dr. Paul continues;

"It's all man-made. It's not the fault of Donald Trump in the last week.

If the market crashes tomorrow and we have a great depression, he didn't do it in six months.

It took more like six or ten years to cause all these problems that we're facing."

At TDV, we completely agree with Dr. Paul. We too believe that there’s an imminent collapse of the US markets and also agree it is not the fault of Trump. This has been a long time in the making.

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Hi dollarvigilante,
Very interesting read, Thanks you for sharing it!

Awesome the way you comments are incredible.

The ousting of Bannon meant victory for the establishment. Maybe the "antiwar" right will hold his feet to the fire?

Feed the government!
Or was I looking for a different f word?

maybe bannon is just gonna go make some "real news" with brietbart... and help fight the deep state That way,,,

Terrorist in chief is right!

Say what you want about Europe but right now I'm pretty happy that I am living here and not in the USA. I sympathize with all the good people out there, I'm sorry your country is hijacked by crazy people.

And because of those crazy people a third world war will start. I can assure the worst part of the war it will be lived in europe as Americans always plays out of home...

Couldn't agree with you more, something I have been saying for years...crazy people run this show and sadly I am in Florida here so I have to constantly put up with it. Not only the troubles with who runs America but the overly conservative nature of the South on top of it, lol...can't win. Hope is still alive in the USA that we will finally get back control of our system. Just thankful others get what is truly going on like Mr. Berwick here and yourself. It reaches out past our borders here but its up to Americans to get it in check, I am up for it but a lot of people have to wake up as well

I just hope that somehow a new war can be avoided, they all seem to be really gearing up for one.

Sadly that is how these powers tend to work, they want to rake in the money off the military war machine and keep creating inflated currencies to control everyone from having a voice to stand up against the machine. I am seriously hoping for no more wars but it seems to me the men behind the curtain are playing with that game again and in a full force fashion to pick fights all over the world. This is where I fall short on even remotely admitting my kinship of being American, I don't carry that sort of mindset to think its okay for us to constantly run over other countries and its really shameful the people over here back such actions every time the media tells them its a great option to take. War does nothing but set the world backwards and I really hope we eventually get leaders that grasp that concept for once.

I really think my grandparents made a huge mistake leaving Ireland when they were teenagers to come to this place, its getting rather hard to back a system that keeps so much control over the world with no concepts of bettering the world with such controls.


@donaldtrumpfan i thought i should tag u here haha

Just another puppet...line up for the new show. It's brand new, really.

It is more important than ever that we come together as Americans. The first step is to keep Steemin' on!

Are you winding up trumptards again?

Jeff should stick to giving crypto tips.

gracias por compartir este contenido con nosotros te di un voto espero que te guste

Oh Donald, you haven't learned jack shit... Afghanistan a quagmire... leave it to the terrorists.

I was in Hong Kong last year during the election. I found out Donald Trump won when one of my friends came up to me and said, "I'm sorry." Regardless, everyone is going to have their own opinion on what is happening.


We need to come together as a nation, but if we ever want to regain the respect we once had we need to be a country of action, not talking. Act on what once made us great, because the last 8 years have been a joke.

Americans are laboratory hamsters totally brain washed and manipulated by the government. Stop looking at the past as you will never get it back! And prepare because the worst part your nation will provoke will be catastrophic for the entire planet

And i don't trust Americans... this nation will destroy all Earth with their selfish and stupid behavior

Our government keeps shoving the "Support The Troops" slogan down our throats so even if you don't support the war you gotta cheer for the troops,right?! It keeps the cycle going so the Military Industrial Complex and all those that profit from it can keep on getting paid.

There's a reason they love getting 18 year olds that are impressionable to sign up and join early on, it's easy to make them very loyal at that point and build a family.

We waste our money, resources, ruin our environment, ruin families on both sides, invite more hate upon us all so the top guys can make their tidy profit.

It's just sickening.

You allow your kids grow watching and playing violence movies and games, you allow kids growing with weapons near as normal things, you live in a country where police shuts down a guy with no reason. When kids go to school with weapons and kill everybody, you don't do nothing. This is why 18 year olds join early as they think going to war is easy like in a videogame, they do it for their country, but their country doesn't give a shit of them. They are just a number of war victims that had to die in order to get some oil and get richer... let's change USA, land of freedom with USA, land of lies

Kids joined wars way before video games

Yes they did and some of them died for a better future for their country and they would be ashamed and angry to see USA from today

I really wouldn't put much blame in the video games, I'd say most people that love video games would rather play video games than go to war.

A lot of it that isn't mentioned much is that joining the war is a bit of a welfare state. Didn't do good in school, can't afford college,etc.. well come join the military and get to learn for free, just need to sign your life to us for a few years..

We even see with Colin Kapernick from the NFL how everyone got on him bad for not standing for the flag ( by the way the military pays the NFL to do the anthem before games) . It's all these little things to make it seem like the most respected thing anyone can do is "defend our country" even when it means that we go to war with countries for unjust reasons.

And then you have the people that die in war where the family and friends can get easily offended by those who put down the military since they gave their life for "us" and no one wants to think they went to war to protect the opium fields or to make profit for the guys in the military industrial complex.

The biggest thing that kills me that is that the more the USA focuses on war, so will all the other countries..we are in kinda shitty financial times and medical costs are through the roof..but we always find a way to have money for wars to kill people but never enough to heal the people.

Very sad if you ask me.

I agree you you... the video games were just a way to say if children grow rounded by violence they will be comfortable with it as adults. Less education and less money influence too into signing up. USA want to rule the world and because of this behavior many will give their lives for a lost cause... they will drag the entire planet to a Third World War and they will lose... so many lifes lost, so many places destroyed and all for what? Look at Siria.... trump said he doesn't want refugees in his country as all of them are potential terrorists... well, stop giving money and guns to the enemies and stop throwing bombs into refugees homes... but no, too much political interests as making weak the European Union because all of this situation. We need to handle refugees and terrorist attacks because of course if all the situation would be peace and love and no panic what country will support the war they are doing?

Terrorism is a hole and we should block this hole.

Same old, same old. It'll never change. Good luck @adamkokesh. Ill vote for you for not president!

Don't you think Obama was better..

Donald puede ser buen Empresario, pero no Presidente

I enjoy reading your post very interesting post that's for sharing @mannyfig1956

Come on dude we all know you wicked leaders have turned our wonderful Republic into the great Satan

I am in total agreement with you on everything but the stock market crash. War is big business and it is standard operating procedure for 'Merica to start a war whenever wall street profits fall. No shortage of developing nations we can bomb the hell out of. Great post... Upvoted, Followed, and Resteemed...

its all about the powers that be who wants a control of everything. the sending of additional troops to afghanistan is for the continuous control of the poppy fields where they get their funding for covert operations of the cia. president trump, as we all know is surrounded by globalist with his son in law at the helm and people associated with goldman sachs and people associated with soros. he is being held hostage at the expense of the people of the world.

What Jeff says in this article is all true, IMO, all parts of the globalist's over-arching agenda to achieve world hegemony, the so-called New World Order. The fabricated global war on terrorism is just a smokescreen or cover story for this agenda. I want to stress that the hegemonic agenda is not for America, but for the globalists. THEY want to rule the world. But, they need America's military-surveillance-industrial complex to do it. At the same time, they need to control, subjugate, and whittle down their greatest threat - the American people. The false flag terrorist attacks, including 911; the Patriot Act; the NSA spying; the deliberate statin drug catastrophe; the deliberate creation of the opioid and heroin overdose epidemic; the fabricated conquer and divide riots; etc, are intended to contain this threat. I hate to admit it, but they are doing a pretty good job of it. President Trump, in spite of his faults, may be our last hope. He may lose some battles, but as long as he keeps fighting deep state, he's got my vote.

I am not surprised. The business of America is War! The United States main commodity is the US dollar and it uses its large military to defend its reserve currency status. Terrorism is a way for America to justify their large military.

It doesn't matter what president is in front of the government, people will never change those are behind him and taking the "right" decisions. Trump will do whatever he is told to do as all of them did and when they don't want to obey are removed by the presidency. Have you ever thought about a long term intention of us having bombs and weapons near russia and china? I think they are preparing a third world war for a long time ago...

@dallvigilante Paul has always been a decent guy. Stock market definitely isn't sustainable and substantiated by too much. Trump will be blamed for when it crashes though, no question. Keep up the truth seeking brother!

I still think that Trump is better than Bushes or Clinton crime syndicate, however, Trump has disappointed me.

With that in mind, it is probably a good time to start stacking up more physical gold and silver along with some mining stocks and cryptocurrency.

Toliet paper will be worth more than gold. Silver is a good choice, but with it you need a good supply of lead also. Oh and a book that everyone needs is the one that tells you how to make black powder.

The divide is not one of race, and not one of money, the divide is as the election maps have shown over the last 5 elections. It is country( rural) vs city(megapolis). Farm vs Factory. It will not change in the short term, or the long. It has always been about "How many Farmers do we control". Ever since the children moved into bigger and bigger towns and cities, throughout all of history. It is not the Farmers, the country folk that start the wars, it is their lost children that never grew up. (My opinion only, so please don't shoot, my hands are up, and off the keyboard now.)

Hello there! Venezuelan here! Most of our people supports Trump due that he is taking very seriously our struggling situation by commanding sanctions against our corrupt politicians and their families; he even mentioned a possible military invasion to put pressure on our current President. Although I admit his pressure is helping us a lot in our goal which is to get rid of this nefarious goverment, I don't buy his intentions so my question is: What do you think are Trump's intentions regarding Venezuela's Situation?

That outfit Trump is wearing on your picture looks like Simon Bolivar's, Great Article! Cheers!

The writing seems to be on the wall....draw in more troops , draw in allies and roll out a major Chunk of the world money. Results.....more chaos , more violence and hence.....more demand for weapons....thus profit to the government from tax payers money.....

no wait its 3895D Chess you jus don't get it....

Should donald trump remember its promise, the history of war has only proved to make the grief of the executors of war in the field, while they are just on the table. I myself am surprised to hear the American president's statement that will send troops to win the war, in fact if this happens then maybe one of the American setbacks, how much money should be spent, and there must be negative sentiments from American consumer goods on this policy. I pray that all of us in the world will live in peace, war is not a solution

I have given some thought to the issue that I haven't seen addressed, here, or anywhere.

Some time ago I predicted that Trump would cut off the funding to the terrorists in Syria, which appears to have happened. It seems presently that the war is Syria is close to over, and Trump has said when the terrorists are finished off, the US forces will pull out.

This seems to me to be the responsible thing to do at this time, since my understanding is that the US (and others as well) inflicted this horror on Syria, so the Trump administration, having inherited this mess, is cleaning it up and getting out.

So, what if that is indeed Trump's intention in Afghanistan? It is incontrovertible that Trump didn't cause the mess in Iraq, nor Afghanistan, but he is now the President, and the country he is President of did, and that makes us, and now him, responsible to clean it up.

So, what if his intention is to destroy the terrorist forces the US created to destabilize Afghanistan, and then to get out?

If that is indeed what happens in Syria, then that will be strong support for my speculation. If we keep on causing trouble in Syria, then I will find that strong indication that he IS just another deep state puppet, jesuit training and Epstein Lolita Island compromised pizzagater, and all.

It is difficult to know what really has happened with Bannon atm. At first, there seemed to be statements on both sides that this was a mutual decision, indicating that Bannon was being sent off on a mission he couldn't undertake as an administration member, prolly for good reason.

There seems to be other information coming to light lately, so I am unable to presently parse what is actually happening in that regard.

However, regarding Afghanistan, to just pull out and leave the poppy fields we've (the US forces) been guarding for the deep state in the hands of the al Qaeda forces we created, seems extremely bad form.

The responsibility of the US for a terrorist state formed before the administration of a President with aspersions to integrity (hey, everyone can grow) seems to demand that we not leave Afghanistan saddled with that burden. We need to clean up our mess, and THEN get out.

You may think that's preposterous. You may also think it's preposterous for that same thing to happen in Syria. But, if it does happen in Syria, that's a strong indication that it will also happen in Afghanistan.

We'll see, if it can even be done. We have been funding and grooming the terrorist caliphate for almost 40 years, and I bet they're pretty entrenched by now.

Thanks for sharing this. It is nearly impossible to get such informations from the MSM here in Germany. McCain is often mentioned, but nobody had ever heard about Ron and Rand Paul. And only the behaviour of Trump is broadly discussed, but never the war policy of all US governments since Clinton.

Trumptards; now it all makes sense!

What I have observed, is that none of this is Trumps fault. Its Obamas fault, Hillarys fault, the Democrats fault, the Republicans fault, the eclipses fault, the Deep States fault, Washingtons fault, your fault, my fault, everyone elses fault.
You cant expect a mega rich, most powerful man on the planet to be able to acheive anything, its just unfair.

Great article! I actually just had my father in-law (in socialistic Denmark) read Adam Kokesh's book 'Freedom'. He said he was really inspired. There's a guy who can convince almost everyone. I'm usually a Green Party supporter but also very inspired by @adamkokesh - I have faith in him. The future will be interesting!

@dollarvigilante, I'd love to hear your take on the US's involvement and strategy in the Balkans, seeing how I'm personally affected by it:)

I am not an American but I am for Trump. you can disagree with him. I have never seen a President facing such on going resistance from all directions. I would say, give him a chance, let him lead and you better shut your mouth in 3 more years and then we will see what happens.

I can't believe there are still people thinking trump is playing 4D chess. And even if he is, he should still be held accountable together with his entire administration. This is something that blows my mind. The face of the administration is being held accountable, but the administration itself which is pretty much the same administration no matter what president comes to power.

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I think donaltrump cann't make america better.

"Am I the only one who feels like he is taking crazy pills that no one seems to notice this?"


Terrorism disturbs the stability

Well written piece. GEE I wonder why many other countries hate the US.

I'm really sad to see him flip flopping on this. I honestly thought he would continue the Bush / Obama legacy.

USA's longest war to keep the poppies safe at this point

yea but now he's talking to the generals. ppl's opinions change, it's pretty normal actually

Very interesting read, Thanks you for sharing it! Donald of the Tramp LOL

After decades of fighting the so-called global war on terrorism, the greatest superpower in history, possessing enormous military, surveillance, and industrial power, still has not defeated a ragtag, scattered collection of militants whose prized weapon is a pickup truck with a machine gun bolted down in the back. I'm still unsure if President Trump is unaware of the truth behind this nonsensical situation or is just pretending to be unaware

Re$teemed, upvoted & following!

another week, another country under attack by the U.S. empire

What are the methods to end this war making machine? In Game Of Thrones, they have the Iron Bank, and they tax the citizens. Make the Iron Bank irrelevant. And citizens contribute less/or none perhaps? Fight fire with fire? (war to the war monger?) Or Fight fire with ice? Perhaps bitcoin is the ice?

The end of the FED is near... I can see huge changes happening within 10 years!

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